Every home gym needs a weight rack. You don’t want your costly weights and dumbbells to be strewn all around your workout location. Not only are they dangerous (you could accidentally trip over them!) but they are also unsightly.

A weight rack is a convenient way to keep all your weights arranged and within easy access. You never have to guess about where to find a specific weight because you know that it always stowed on your weight stand. Think about it, the time that you spend constantly searching for misplaced weights could be spent working out if your gear is stowed on a convenient weight stand.

Investing in a weight rack not only keeps your workout room organized, but also looks neat and tidy. Please continue reading to learn about the best weight racks for your unique needs.

Types of Weight Racks: How to Choose Which One is Best for You

Different Kinds of Weight Racks For FitnessThere are a lot of great weight racks to choose from You might want more than one style for your weight room if you lift a variety of different weight types. Think about the type of weights that you lift. Some hold weight plates (referred to as weight trees and other racks hold barbells or dumbbells. When picking a rack, you are going to need to decide if you are storing dumbbells or weight plates.

Olympic Weight Racks

The two most common types of weight racks are the weight plate rack and the dumbbell weight rack. Obviously, the weight plate rack holds plates and the dumbbell rack holds dumbbells. In addition, there are also specific Olympic weight rack options if you need a place to store your Olympic weights. Also, please remember that regular weights and Olympic weights do differ. The Olympic free weight has 2-inch holes, but the standard weights have 1-inch holes. An Olympic weight rack will have posts that are 2-inches in diameter so your standard weights will not fit on the rack.

Wall Mounted Weight Racks

In addition, you can choose between wall mounted weight rack products. The good thing about a wall mounted weight rack is that it saves valuable floor space. However once mounted, you cannot easily rearrange your workout area and move the rack. Also, a wall mounted weight rack is a heavy beast so you will need to ensure that your wall studs can hold the enormous weight before you make the purchase and install the item.

Features of Weight Racks

Features of Weight Rack For FitnessIf you are considering purchasing a weight rack, please remember that there are numerous features to take into consideration before you choose an item. Check out these key features.

Here are the key features that you should consider:

Bar Holder

Many free weight racks have a location that holds one or more bars. This is a suitable place to store your bars to keep them out of the way. You should consider how many bars the rack can hold so you can determine the correct rack to fit your needs. Storing more than one on squat rack or bench press looks bad and is a safety hazard.

Weight Capacity

There is a wide array of cost variations in weight racks which lets you know that not all weight racks are designed the same nor made equally. Many can hold much more weight than others. First, you will want to purchase a weight rack that has the holding capacity for your current weight set. Also, think about the future. Do you plan to purchase additional weights? If you do, then you will want to buy a weight rack that holds more weight.

Think about the space between the weight rack’s bar posts. If you have large diameter weights, then they might not fit so easily on the rack. Overall, whatever model you decide to purchase must not only effectively cradle the physical size of your weights but also support the realistic weight.

Types of Weights Held

There is a wide assortment of weight rack cage types available to hold diverse types of weights. Do you have Olympic weights, standard weights, dumbbell weights, or free weights? Please know your weights before you make a purchase so you can ensure that whatever device you buy is engineered to correctly hold the type of weight that you own.

Feet of the Weight Racks

If you purchase a weight tree, it will normally have protective rubber feet to prevent damage and scuffing your floor. Most weight trees come with protective rubber feet that will keep your floor from getting scratched up. Make sure you check for these before making a purchase.

Rubber feet might not seem important, but a dumbbell weight rack holds hundreds of pounds and can damage your floor with improper feet. Ideally, any weight lifting rack you buy should have nice rubber feet.

Purchasing Dual Products

You can purchase a weight rack that doubles as an exercise station which is a nice reward. There are bench press racks, squat racks, and weight benches that all hold weight plates, so they serve a handy dual purpose and take up even less room in your home gym. Talk about versatility at its best! Another nice bonus is the weight rack cage. It has safety features to keep you safe while lifting. Sure there are many supporters of dual-purpose products and others who scoff at them, but it is nice to buy a specific product that serves two purposes instead of two bulky items that take up excessive room.

Types of Weight Racks

Please check out the following weight racks:

Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack

Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack Multilevel Weight StorageThe Marcy 3 Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack features three angled tiers that cradle various dumbbell sizes and styles. The entire rack is made of very sturdy and durable steel that has a nice powder coat finish. The angled design allows you to easily reach whatever dumbbell you need. The rack holds either cast iron or solid steel dumbbells of varying sizes. The ergonomic design also looks sleek and efficient in your weight room. The rubberized feet also won’t damage your flooring and keeps the rack from sliding on tile or other slippery surfaces.


  • Welded design fashioned from steel
  • Powder coat finish
  • 3-tier storage space
  • Holds dumbbells of many sizes
  • Has rubberized feet to protect flooring and prevent sliding

Who Makes It?

The Marcy 3-tier dumbbell rack is made by the famous Macy brand which has offered fitness and gym equipment for over 50 years. Founded by Walter Marcy an, many consider his professional grade equipment to be years ahead of their time. Each Macy pieces can be used in a commercial or home application. Nowadays, the Macy company sells products on a global scale.

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the Marcy 3-tier dumbbell rack is manufactured by a reputable company that has proven themselves by offering superior equipment for home and commercial gym needs. If you are seeking a stable, heavy-duty dumbbell weight rack then this is a perfect choice. However, this rack will not hold plate weights. Also, it does not come with a dumbbell weight set with rack. You will need to purchase or own your dumbbells separate from the rack.

CAP Barbell Plate Rack, 1-Inch, Black

CAP Barbell Plate RackIf you are looking for a weight lifting rack, then the CAP Barbell Plate Rack might be a perfect choice. It has exceptional durable steel construction and holds standard plates. The weight plate rack is coated in black powder finish and features a handy triangular design which is ideal for stability. This weight plate rack will hold plates with a 1-inch center hole. There are five built on posts to secure the weights. You simply slide them on and off as needed.


  • Maximum weight 300 pounds
  • Five posts with 1-inch center hole
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Steel construction
  • Space-saving triangular design

Who Makes It?

The CAP Barbell Plate Rack is manufactured CAP. CAP has been a leader in fitness products for the last thirty years. Their items are marketed worldwide from many locations.

Bottom Line

If you are seeking a durable steel weight tree that holds plates with a 1-inch center hole, then you are going to love this plate rack. Its triangular design saves space and provides optimum stability. With five posts, you’ll be able to hold all your weights in an easy-to-access space-saving design.

Olympic Weight Plate Rack

Olympic Weight Plate RackThis Olympic weight rack effortlessly holds up to 500 pounds of 2-inch weights. It features seven hand branches for stacking. The triangular plate rack is designed so you never have to worry about mixing the many sizes. The surface boasts a double powder coated finish that resists scratches, tarnish, and staining. Without a doubt, the professional black appearance and ergonometric design will make this weight plate rack stand out in your workout gym. The stand has a rubber face with rubber feet, so you never have to worry about it damaging your flooring.


  • Space-saving triangular design
  • Seven branches that hold the varied sizes of plates
  • Double powder coated finish with scratch and stain-resistant surface
  • Rubber base and feet to protect flooring
  • Holds 500 pounds

Who Makes It?

This rack is made by Day 1 Fitness who has become a leader in nationwide fitness items. Founded in 2009, the company remains small and dedicated to consumer satisfaction.

Bottom Line

This is a heavy-duty weight tree that effortlessly supports up to 500 pounds of 2-inch Olympic weights. If you are seeking a high capacity triangle rack, then this might be an ideal choice. Its rubberized feet also will not hurt or scuff your flooring. The tree’s seven branches make each one of your weights easily available to grab during a workout

The Bottom Line on Purchasing a Weight Rack

If you are serious about adding a weight stand to your home or office gym, there are a couple of things that you should consider before making your final decisions:

  • When purchasing one of these dumbbell weight racks, there’s a couple of things to be on the lookout for.
  • An angled tier such as a triangle design is nice because you won’t hurt your hands while racking or removing your weights
  • You will want a weight stand with solid and sturdy welding because it’s going to hold a lot of weight for a long time. You don’t want the welds to fail or break.
  • The feet of the weight stand matter. Ideally, they should be covered in rubber to protect your flooring from scuffs and scratches.
  • There must be enough space in the tiers to hold both small and generous sized plates or dumbbells.
  • Always pick a dumbbell weight rack or weight plate rack that is heavy so it can stand up without collapsing.
  • Choose a powder coating on the weight tree that does not scratch or tarnish, so it continues to look good year after year.

These are just a few considerations when buying a weight rack. Remember, whichever item you choose will become a valued addition to your workout routine. Please continue reading to learn about why it’s important to invest in a weight rack.

Why Invest in a Weight Rack?

Choosing A Weight Rack For FitnessYou are thinking, ‘Why invest in a weight rack?”  You could just stack your weights on the floor or make a wooden shelf to hold them. There are even wire shelves that might support the weight and cost a lot less.  First, you need to avoid being cheap and think about the investment that you have placed in your dumbbells and weights. You don’t want them to get scuffed up, misplaced, or damaged.

Also, when you are doing  a vigorous workout training routine you do not want to have to start searching all around your home gym to find the weight you need. It will break apart your routine and mess up your system if you pause all the time to hunt for something. It is imperative that you have your weights within easy reach every time you need them so you can maintain your workout flow.

Another thing to consider is the danger of leaving your weight laying around. You can fall over them, stub your toe, or even break a bone.

Ideally, your weight room should look neat and tidy. All things, including your weights, must be well organized and in their places. It is imperative that your workout equipment is secured.

Think About a Weight Rack’s Construction

If a weight rack has a thrifty price tag, then it has been poorly constructed. A durable weight rack carries a high price tag. The rack must support a massive amount of weight. You don’t want to waste your money on some piece of junk that is going to collapse with your precious weights. Whatever model you choose must be formed from durable steel and boast strong reinforced welds. Ideally, it should be powder coated so it will not scrape, rust, dent, or tarnish. The appearance of your weight rack matters. You want it to look nice and professional, so this means no bending or sagging.

The Importance of a Dumbbell Rack

Sure having a plate rack is important but dumbbells have an odd shape, so you need a specialized rack to effectively hold them in place. The weight’s unwieldy size and shape make storage a nightmare. You need a well-designed rack that cradles the weight in a professional fashion.

If you are into weight lifting then you already have an impressive collection of dumbbells, weight plates, and kettlebells. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a weight stand that is made to hold dumbbells then you stack them in some corner of your home gym or try to line them up on the floor. Some would-be DIYers fashion their own homemade rack or even weld together a contraption. However, despite your best intentions, you will not be able to achieve the sleek design of a commercial weight rack.  Please remember that manufactures have engineers design their fitness equipment for function, stability, longevity, and safety. Also, a professional design simply looks better in your home gym then some homemade item.

Choosing the Perfect Weight Lifting Rack

Choosing The Best Weight Lifting RackThere are so many choices when it comes to a weight tree that you might have a tough time deciding on which one to purchase. You want to keep your weight organized and in one place, but you just don’t know how to choose the best item.

Here are a few are a few pointers to help make your choice easier:

  1. Use a tape measure to figure out the dimensions of the area where you want to place the stand. You will want to make sure you have an enough floor space at your disposal.
  2. Study the different weight lifting rack designs to figure out which ones will best meet your needs and hold the weights you own (plus any additional weights that you plan to add to your collection later).
  3. Figure out the size and weight of your dumbbells, kettlebells, and plates to decide how sturdy of a weight tree you need to support everything you own. Remember all weight stands are designed to hold only a certain number of pounds.
  4. If you are storing dumbbells, then you are going to want to take into consideration the types of weights. Each type of weight fits differently on a rack. An Olympic weight has a two-inch hold, but a plate weight has only a one-inch opening.  Neoprene weights are lightweight and may not require a heavy-duty rack.

Your Necessary Weight Stand Check List

Everyone benefits from filling out a basic check list of all everything that they need to consider before making a major purchase. Grab a pencil and a piece of scratch paper to start to fill out your requirements. If you are still up in the air about what is important to you in a weight rack then please continue reading to determine your ‘must-have’ check list.

  • Budget: Sure you want the biggest weight to stand but your budget will not allow you to spend an excessive amount of money.  You might even be tempted to splurge on a dumbbell weight set with rack so you can own a matching set. No matter what your budget, you will be able to find something to fit your needs. Just keep things in focus and within reason.
  • Material: A weight tree should be made from heavy gauge steel and have a powder coating to prevent chipping, scratches, or rust. Always look for a weight rack with rubber feet so you do not damage your flooring. The trays should boast a protective coating or rubber, so your weights do not suffer any damage.
  • Gym Size: You don’t want to purchase a huge wall mounted weight rack or dumbbell weight set with rack, if you do not have a wall and space to support the beast. If you only have a small home gym, then you might only be able to accommodate a small weight tree.
  • Weight Types:  What kinds of weights will the rack hold? Dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, or Olympic plates. You will want to choose an Olympic weight rack for Olympic weights, a weight plate rack for plates, or a dumbbell weight rack for dumbbells. If you mess up and buy the wrong weight stand for the types of weight that you own, then you will need to go out and purchase another stand which will cost you extra dollars or return the rack you just bought. Ideally, you should know your weights. Remember, Olympic weights have a two-inch hole and plate weight have only a one-inch hole. Also, not all dumbbells are the same.

The Bottom Line

A quality weight rack is an investment in your home gym. You want a durable stand that is going to last for years while safely holding your weights. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to take into consideration your unique needs and the weights that you already own. Hopefully, this detailed guide and our three top picks for affordable and durable weight racks have helped you to make a beneficial decision.