When working out the upper body, having bigger arms is a goal for everyone. In each of the movements you carry out, the triceps do most of the work.  Therefore, if you want to build a bigger arm, a tricep extension machine will help you with that.

There are different exercises which target triceps. If you want to get the best out of these exercise, you should select the exercises that targets the three parts of triceps muscles. These parts are the lateral head, the long head, and the media head. These muscles can contract during the work out exercise. Above all, using the tricep extension machine is effective due to the variations of triceps exercise it offers.

Using the tricep extension machine when working out has a number of benefits. Below are some of the benefits of using the tricep extension machine. You will also learn how you should carry out your exercises using the tricep extension machine and alternatives of the exercise.

Reason #1: Variation

Variation is one of the main reasons why you need to use the tricep extension machine when working out. You can carry out the triceps exercise from a wide variety of angles while using any resistance which you see as appropriate. While at the gym, you can carry out the exercise while standing on the tricep extension machine and at home, you can carry out the exercise using exercise bands. A wide variety means you have many options to choose from during your regular exercise routine.

Reason #2: Exercise is Convenient

Working your triceps muscles on the tricep extension machine is convenient since you can position your body differently when carrying out the exercise. You can also vary your resistance when seeking the best out of your regular exercise routine. One of the main reasons why you should choose a certain exercise over the other is convenience. If the exercise you are carrying out does not offer any convenience, then just avoid it. Convenience will help you to adjust when you arrive at the gym and realize all the weights or benches are taken.

Reason #3: It is an Isolation Exercise

This exercise is an isolation exercise since it will only target triceps muscles group. Movement when using the triceps extension machine occurs at only one joint. This means that when you are carrying out the exercise, the effort will be on the tricep muscles and nowhere else. Most of the exercises such as the push-ups or chest press machines will work on the tricep muscles as secondary target muscles. If you are looking for way of creating a balance for both triceps muscles, the using the tricep extension machine should be a priority.

How to Use the Triceps Extension Machine?

  1. The first step is to adjust the seat to your height. You also need to select your weight for the machine tricep extension exercise. Let the arms rest on the pads and grasp the handles using your hands.
  2. The machine tricep extension movement can be carried out by extending your elbow and moving the lower arm away from the upper arm.
  3. When you complete each of the movements just pause and return the weight to the original position.

When carrying out the seated tricep extension machine exercises, always avoid returning the weight all the way to the stops until you complete each of the sets. It plays a great role in keeping the needed tension on your muscles.

How to Use the Tricep Extension Cable Machine?

The cable machine can be used for weight training or functional training. There is wide variety of exercises which can be performed using the machine. One of the exercises is the tricep extension exercise.

Using the tricep extension cable machine is also a beginner exercise that targets and effectively isolates the tricep muscles in your body. This exercise can work on your triceps effectively given that the triceps are the most often forgotten muscle groups. As identified previously, the key to having a bigger arm is having triceps that are well developed.

This exercise can also target the oblique muscles. In most cases when working out, you will be working on the abs and you end up forgetting to work out the oblique muscles which surround the abs. Obliques are stabilizers and they are used during each of the physical activities. Making sure that you have exercised them in each of your work oust should be a priority.

Instructions on Using Tricep Extension Cable Machine

  1. Begin the exercise with your feet at a shoulder apart angle and make a deep bend of the knees to create a stronger base.
  2. Extend your arms fully while contracting the triceps muscles and putting the elbows in front of the upper body.
  3. Bend the elbows and get your arms back to the starting position of the exercise. You can as well repeat the exercise and carry out around 1o sets of 2o reps each.

Given that the tricep extension machine with cable machine is a beginner exercise, you can advance as you go along and carry out the exercise at different variations to increase your strength.

Seated Tricep Extension Machine

Man Seated Working Out Tricep Extension MachineThe seated tricep extension machine can be another great way of primarily targeting the tricep muscles. The only equipment used when carrying out the exercise is the cable machine. There are also different variations of the seated tricep extension machine you can also carry try out. Such variations can require different seated equipment while others do not require any equipment at all.

Learning on the appropriate form while on the seated tricep extension machine is quite easy. This tips can be followed easily by those in the intermediate level of the exercise. Here are the tips to make sure you get the best out of the seated tricep machine.

  1. Always make sure you carry out the exercise while isolating the triceps. Avoid using the upper part of your body to push the weight on the machine down.
  2. Make sure you breathe out as you push the handles of the seated tricep extension machine down.
  3. Make sure you avoid locking your arms completely as it can cause problems with your joints.

Alternatives to Machine Tricep Extension Exercises

There are many ways of developing a bigger arm while at the gym. So the next time you arrive at the gym and you realize the tricep extension machine is in use, carry out this exercises. Do not walk out of the gym and fail to work on your triceps just because the machine is not there.

Carry Out the Kickbacks

Woman Working Out Kickback Alternative To Tricep ExtensionThis is another effective tricep extension exercise apart from the other machine tricep extension exercises. According to the American Council of Exercise, the kickbacks exercise can give you about 88% activation of the tricep muscle. Unlike in the other tricep extension exercises where you will only be moving your hands at varied angle, this exercise works against your gravity.

Working against the gravity can help you push the weight up and down in a convenient manner. Always use the shoulder to stabilize the arm and let the fore arm extend beyond you. You can also use a lighter weight to make sure you have maintained the right form.

Steps of Carrying Out this Tricep Extension Machine Alternative

  1. Your feet should be placed on the step on any other raised platform and rest the right forearm on the thigh to create stability.
  2. Using your left hand, hold the weight and push it up to your torso.
  3. Let the elbow remain in the position and while focusing on contracting the triceps muscles, extend your arm fully behind you.
  4. Bring back the weight to about 90 degrees and carry out about 3 sets.

When carrying out the kickbacks as an alternative to the machine tricep extension, always let the upper arm remain stationery against all the body movements you are carrying out.

Carry Out Triangular Push Ups

Man Working Out Triangular Push UpsThe triangular push-ups are another alternative to the machine tricep extension exercise. Carrying out the triangular push-ups can be challenging since it utilizes most of the strength on your upper body. You can try out the moves on your knees before beginning this exercise.

Steps of Carrying Out Triangular Push ups

  1. Place your hands on the mat just below your chest and always let the fingers spread out, make sure your forefingers and thumbs are touching each other to create a triangular shape.
  2. Spread your legs straight or you if you want to carry out an easier fashion, you can always keep the knees on the floor.
  3. The back should remain flat and all the abs should be engaged. Lower your chin until the chest touches the mat.
  4. Press-back your body to the staring position and carry out about 3 sets of the exercise.

As a tricep extension machine alternative, the triangular push up exercise is quite challenging. In some cases, it can be quite difficult to go so low and in such situations, make sure you go as low as you can and if your chest cannot touch the mat, it is still okay. However, along the way, you will be able to build the necessary strength to go low enough to make sure your tricep muscles are extended.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Man Working Out Overhead Tricep ExtensionThe overhead tricep extension exercise can serve you good if at all you do not have the triceps extension machine. The exercise gives about 76% muscle activation. When carrying out the overhead tricep extension exercise as an alternative to the machine tricep extension exercise, always make sure you keep the arms next to the ears when lowering the weight.

The exercise can be carried out when you are seated or standing.

How to Carry Out Tricep Extension

  1. Extend the weight with both of your hands upward when you are stead on a chair or standing.
  2. Always make sure your shoulders are next to your ears when bending the elbows. You should lower the weight behind the head until the elbows form a 90-degree angle.
  3. Arms should be straightened and carry out around 3 sets of about 15 reps.
  4. Your abs Should also remain engaged throughout the entire exercise.

Contracting your triceps is a great way of making sure you have got the best out of this great exercise.

Using the tricep extension machine can serve you a number of benefits. Just like any other gym machine, the tricep extension machine is designed in such a way that it can make your training easier. All the tricep muscles will be targeted by the machine. More importantly, you have learned on the alternative tricep exercises you can carry out. You do not need to carry out all these exercises. The only thing you need to do is to find the best triceps extension exercise fit for you. Over time, you can vary the exercises to make sure you are getting the best. As you go out to work on your triceps using the above steps, ensure consistency to build bigger arms. All the best in your training.