Are you looking to include workouts on your schedule, but the thought of going to the gym cuts it for you? While some enjoy going to the gym more than working out at home, there’s a considerable number of people that don’t feel comfortable at the gym.

Whether it’s about having a shower there, training with numerous other sweaty people, or the sensation of being watched, there can be quite a few reasons that keep you away from the gym. But, at the same time, you would like to be able to train yourself in an effective manner. In this case, a home gym solution is best for you.

But how is it possible to have a total gym workout at home? Most people go to the gym because of the wide range of machines available there, meant to increase the quality and effectiveness of your training session. In the case of home gyms, it is trickier to get all that equipment.

First of all, because it can be quite expensive and secondly because you lack the room for all of it. Still, there is good news for those looking to enjoy a total home gym. The solution is called Total Gym XLS and you’re about to find out why it is so great.


How much is a Total Gym XLS?

As mentioned earlier, machines meant to be used at home are not always affordable. The larger and more complex a machine is, the higher its price tag will get. So, how much will it cost to get the Total Gym XLS body workout system? Some may not consider this system in the affordable range and it will challenge your budget a little, but it’s worth the investment.

The Total Gym XLS costs around $850, but it is designed to offer total gym workouts in the comfort of your home. With its help, you’ll be able to perform a wide range of exercises, without the need for additional training equipment. Plus, there are other advantages when opting for a Total Gym XLS system.


Details on the setup

The Total Gym XLS setup is extremely easy, as we are talking about one single device. Its compact construction allows you to set it up in its place very fast. And once you’re done training, you just fold it. This way, you’ll save some room when you’re not actively training.

Regarding the setup, there are just a few simple rules to follow. There’s no need to fully install the system, as it comes already set in place. You just need to find it a good spot in your home gym and plan your workout sessions.


Is Total Gym XLS worth?

The price tag of a Total Gym XLS will make you wonder if it is worth the investment. Is this indeed the best home gym equipment out there? Well, the answer lies in what your goals are. The Total Gym XLS offers a wide range of features to help you get there.

We will try to provide a Total Gym XLS review that will keep you informed and help you make a good decision. The truth is that this equipment impressed us through its versatility and ability to allow you to perform a lot of exercises.

You will easily work out your entire body by getting one single system, instead of buying several. So, if you sum up all the types of equipment you may need for total gym exercises, you may find that is worth getting a Total Gym XLS instead.


How will the system help you work out?

Man with lean musclesBy using only this device and nothing else, you’ll be able to improve the strength of your muscles, boost your balance, and increase your physical endurance. The system has all the components necessary for an effective workout routine.

So, when it comes to home gyms, this is probably one of the best machines you can get. It works by allowing you to get fit by lifting a percentage of your body’s weight. As you can tell, gravity will do its job, making you work hard to achieve results.

We were surprised to discover that the Total Gym reviews coming from professionals and experienced fitness trainers were above average. It seems that even those accustomed to workout machines like how the Total Gym XLS was made and how it works. According to their statements, this system will get you lean muscles and fit body shape if you use is adequately and consistently.


What comes with the Total Gym XLS?

We all know that just working out is not enough to get in shape. It is useless to go through a straining workout session just to order an extra-large pizza afterward.

So, while a home gym will give you all the comfort you need, you’ll have to be disciplined and aware of the fact that you’ll have to do several changes in your lifestyle. This also includes your diet. For best results in the shortest time possible, you will have to change the way you eat.

How to make sure you’re doing it right? This workout system also comes together with nutritional programs meant to help you reach your goals faster. If you want to make your home gym effective, you should respect all the rules that will make you fit.

So, transformation doesn’t occur just by working out. If you eat the right kind of food, all your efforts won’t be in vain. When your body gets the right kind of nutrients, your muscles will grow at a faster rate and you’ll also enjoy a higher level of energy.

However, the downside of having a home gym is not getting support when it comes to performing exercises. How will you know what to do to work the desired groups of muscles? Also, how will you know if you perform them correctly? This is when Total Gym XLS helps you once more.

The equipment is shipped together with an exercise plan as well. This way, your idea of having a home gym has all the chances of becoming successful in helping you achieve the desired goals.


When did the Total Gym XLS come out?

Although it appears as a novelty, this workout system is not by far new to the market. Believe it or not, it appeared for the first time more than 15 years ago, while being advertised on TV commercials. Its creators wanted to let people know that it is possible to enjoy a home gym while getting the best results with one single machine.

But, before even appearing on TV, this system was used in rehabilitation centers across the country. Americans who needed something to aid in their physical recovery after accidents and injuries got the chance to use this system. Later on, its potential to help people get in shape was truly discovered.

So, in a short while, people started buying these systems for their own homes. It is estimated that over 4 million homes in the US have this kind of equipment, at least in previous versions. Even the famous Chuck Norris began using the Total Gym system.

How did this happen? The celebrity was introduced to this workout device almost 3 decades ago by its inventors and he continued using it ever since. An interesting fact is that if one average person can perform 80 types of exercises on this machine, the incredible Chuck Norris can perform 1,080 of them, obviously.


What makes this system such a successful workout machine?

The Total Gym system is extremely versatile, allowing you to perform numerous exercises and enjoy a complete body workout. At the same time, it is a low-impact machine that decreases the risk of injury or suffering any kind of discomfort while training.

While it is true that the machine appeared a while ago, the current model, provided in nowadays, features considerable improvements. The manufacturer did its best to keep up the pace with the current technology, making sure the new system is more capable of answering to the current needs of its users.

Even if you don’t have too much room available for workout machines, this system is made to be very practical. It is very simple to assembly it, and even more convenient to put it away. It’s enough to fold it and the device will be ready for storage, taking less of your home’s available space.

Another great feature is the fact that you can adjust its resistance levels. This way, you can train at a level that is comfortable for you. So, don’t worry if you start with the lower levels, as you will soon be able to increase the resistance, once your body becomes stronger.

It is worth mentioning that this system mainly addresses the needs of beginners. When one orders a workout machine for home, there are slim chances for that person to know how to properly work out. This is why the Total Gym system comes along with programs and DVDs meant to improve workout sessions. Also, give further tips on how to adjust your lifestyle so that it brings you closer to your desired goal.