Looking for a single workout that can bring you maximum results? I know how tedious and intimidation it is to have to work every muscle individually. It’s time-consuming even! Try compound movements such as deadlifts, and you will thank me later. How? Where? Smith machine deadlift will help you target an array of muscles all at a go. I mean in a single movement. Wondering what muscles deadlifts with smith machines will work?  Let me help you out.

Target Muscles

  • Butt: Gluteus Maximus
  • Hamstrings: Your legs upper back
  • Quadriceps: Your legs top front
  • Soleus: Your calf muscle’s tinny part
  • Adductor Magnus: A muscle in your inner thigh
  • Erector Spinae: Found in your lower back
  • Levator Scapulae: it stretches from your shoulder to your jaw
  • Rectus Abdominis: Abs
  • Trapezius, Middle: It’s in your middle neck
  • Obliques: Abs on the side
  • Trapezius upper: muscles on the upper neck.
  • Gastrocnemius: Your calf muscle’s bigger part.
  • Rhomboids: Found below your neck on the upper inner back

Read on and you will find out how to perform deadlifts on a smith machine. In addition, we have highlighted the benefits that will result from this workout. Moreover, you will know the things to avoid if you’re to get maximum benefits from Smith machine deadlifts. All workout machines have some tactics for use to maximize results and smith machines for deadlifts are no exception. But don’t worry! We‘ve generously provided you with tips on how to optimize your experience and reap full benefits.

What are Deadlifts?

Woman Performing Deadlifts For FitnessIf you’re new to weightlifting or maybe for some reason never heard about deadlifts, you could be wondering what the hell this workout is all about. Or worst still, could make this essential exercise slip away unnoticed.

Deadlifting is a workout involving weight lifting a loaded bar or barbell up to a height of your hips and primarily targets the lower back muscle. However, many other muscles are worked in the process as highlighted above.

Dead weight here means heavyweight without momentum lying on the ground in which you have to lift to a particular level. Moreover, you have to keep repeating for the number of times set. Besides, every lift has to begin from dead weight or a heavyweight from the ground.

Those who don’t know how to use Romanian deadlifts smith machine detest it, because they have no idea how to utilize it correctly to reap its benefits. Or didn’t we say every workout machine has its use techniques? Let’s find out Romanian deadlifts smith machine.

Steps to Execute Smith Machine Deadlift

  1. Begin by loading the machine with the appropriate weight. Set the bar to a low level.
  2. Standing before the bar, put your feet at a distance of shoulder width apart. Your feet should be halfway below the loaded bar and your toes pointing ahead. Make yourself comfortable.
  3. Bend and hold the bar with your hands using an overhand grip. Your hands should be shoulder width apart. You can also use an alternating grip where one hand is under while the other is over; whichever way that will enable you to lift more weight.
  4. Raise or lower your hips slightly to make them in the best natural position as you drop them until you a point where your shins touch the barbell of the smith machine.
  5. Ensure that your head is straight and eyes looking far ahead.
  6. Your back should be straight and still. This step should be your starting point.
  7. Get set to lift the bar
  8. With your heals firmly planted to the ground, begin raising the weight upwards. Your head should lead the movement.
  9. Slightly push your hips forward as the bar gets above your knees. Also, let your back contract by getting your shoulder blades back.
  10. Pause for a while when the bar gets to your hip level, then reverse the movement in a controlled manner until it gets back to your starting point.
  11. You can increase the weight, reduce it or leave it as it is before repeating the process.

Tips for Executing Productive Smith Machine Deadlift

Woman Working Out Smith Machine Deadlift 1)    Foot positioning under the bar is essential when it comes to deadlifting. I mean the halfway point between your heels and your toe. It’s hard to know if your feet are in the correct position. However, asking around for guidance from the experienced lifters is vital instead of guessing which might affect the results.

2)    If the weight seems too heavy for you, consider using an alternating grip to overcome it. You can also use lifting straps because they will enable you to lift heavier weights than your grip’s strength.

3)    Begin lifting the deadlifts when your hips are strong and in maximal leverage. The wildest mistake people make is performing this workout from an unnatural body position. Ensure that you’re in the best form.

4)    Don’t begin deadlifting when your hips are too high. It can injure your lower back easily. At the same time, starting when the hips are too low can make you lose your power and leverage. If you look down during this exercise, your hips will raise and make you lose your form. As a result, you will use the lower back to lift the weight which is quite dangerous. Always lift your head up as you stand with the weight and the body will follow suit.

5)    Breathe in when the weight is at the top and not at the bottom. Most lifters have a broad chest which allows a deep breath when lifting heavy weight. You should breathe out when returning the weight to the ground.

Mistakes to Avoid in Smith Machine Deadlifts


Static-stretching your primary muscle groups before weight lifting can cause injury and may lower your ability to lift the appropriate weight. Consider taking warm-up exercises before engaging in this workout such as squats, jogging and light weight lifting.

Arched back

A flat back or maybe a neutral spine is perfect. However, a rounded back or an arched one can cause stress and much pressure or injury on your back. The same problem can apply if your head is not in its right position. Stop looking up or down, look forward.

Placement of Your Foot

Avoid putting your legs close to each other or far apart. They should either be a shoulder or hip width apart.

Protracted shoulder

If you push your shoulders forward, your spine will lose form and cause injury. Pull your shoulder blades behind to maintain a neutral spine.


The goal of deadlifting on a smith machines is to work the back muscles. Therefore the hip movement is essential. Squatting will not help meet this goal. In addition, chest up and a backwards pushed butts position is not ideal because the hamstrings and glutes muscles for lifting are not enlarged. You should bend the knees slightly but maintain a hip hinge movement. Always, your weight should be on your heels.

Extending Your Legs

One of the most common mistakes done by weightlifters is stretching their legs as the weight increases. The back is left to do all the lifting which causes injury because the back rounds and the spine lose form. Ensure that you have a tight core and that the bar moves up and your hips and leg extend.

Shins Distance from the Bar

Your shins should not be more than two inches away from the bar. In addition, they should not touch the bar. If they are further than two inches, your back is likely to curve and perform all the lifting. This mistake can cause injury on your lower back.

Jerking the Bar

Many do jerk the bar! As the weight intensifies, it is natural to want some urgent assistance. So, what do you do? You immerse your chest by bending your arms and rounding your back. To avoid this mistake maintain a tight core and focus on moving via your heels.

Poor return motion

Obviously, after lifting up such heavy weight, the return movement is a celebration, and you want to do it soonest.  So you bend your knees and squat down very fast to place the weight on the ground. Right?  That’s wrong! You’re not only likely to return to the wrong position but also put much pressure on your lower back. Such acts can easily cause injury. To avoid it, push your hips backwards and bend your knees slightly. Then slowly in a controlled manner begin a downward movement until your weight reaches the ground.

Benefits of Smith Machines Deadlifts

Aside from toning and building your body, you can reap many benefits from deadlifts Smith machines as discussed below.

Sports Competition

Everybody wants to out-perform others in one way or another and deadlift competition is an excellent workout for that.. Nothing looks so special when you see lifters lifting weights in the gym especially if you are not a bodybuilder until you see them competing. It is interesting to see them competing to raise over 400 pounds and using the best techniques to outdo others. To the fans, it is sports just like any other.

Works Many Muscle Groups

A single weight lift works over 10 muscles of your body. Though a tedious exercise, it saves money and time. Instead of attending many gym workout sessions to work on individual muscles, it’s economical to work them all in one exercise. Deadlift is a perfect choice that can never disappoint when it comes to building mass and strengthening your muscles.

For Fitness

Man Showing His Chest MuscleWhen exercising you chose workouts that bring fast results. If your goal is to compete with others, then the exercise that helps you win quickly is perfect for you. But, beyond winning lies the desire to have a healthy physical body. If this is your desire, then commitment and consistency will keep your body mass large and healthy. Besides, smith machine deadlift will create a strong foundation because it works many muscles at ago.

This fitness doesn’t come at once; it takes a long time. You need to have a proper foundation to excel in other exercises and reduce chances of injury. Therefore it’s only in compound movements such as those of the deadlift that a solid foundation of your physical health can be built. The idea is to strengthen muscles as you burn fat. Result driven lifters don’t forgo deadlifts in their routine workouts.

For Better Health

Although health varies from one individual to the other, boosting it via fitness is universal. However, you may be tempted to jump into exercising without first researching the most appropriate workout for the health you want to attain. Lack of knowledge causes many mistakes during the workout, no improvement and wasted time

Even without much knowledge on exercises, performing Smith machine deadlift the proper way assures you a healthy body because the compound movements target many muscles. If you are skinny and wants to add some weight, then Smith machine deadlift is the exercise for you. The muscle mass increased will make you larger than when you started. Moreover, if you desire to shed some fat, then this will give you the best result and leave you healthy. The question is, can you deadlift on a smith machine? I believe you now can.

For Labor Intense Work

Some people prefer hard labor while to others that is the only available job. Whichever the case, you have to work to get money to meet your expenses. But, not for hard laborers only! Don’t you find yourself lifting heavy shopping or mopping a large house? Other times you have to change a flat tire, and that calls for some lifting weight. If you remain active, engaging in exercises such as deadlifts, then hard labor of any physical work will be a lot easier. Besides, the speed at which you execute your duties will improve because in weight lifting speed is also tasted. In addition, you will find the hard labor a lot easier compared to the weight lifting workout.

For Aging

As you grow old, your body will get less active and weaker. Why? Because of exercising less so you justify your weakness with age. However, those people who have remained active in their workouts remain active even at an advanced age. Fighting age is impossible, but you can get rid of excessive weakness and inactivity by engaging in smith machine deadlift.

Caution: Don’t begin with deadlifts if you have not done it before. Start with light weights and simple exercises.

Take Away

A good deadlift workout is defined by the comfort you feel when executing it. For some reasons, you may have some health problems that may hinder you from deadlifting weights. Don’t worry! Other workouts such as squatting and light weight lifting will provide your desired results. It is essential that you read and re-read out instructions on how to perform smith machine deadlift for better results.