A smith machine is an eminent training machine. It’s somewhat similar to a barbell, though attached to a sliding track. Despite the criticism, smith machine is still one of the safest machines you can work with it. The one issue that constantly nags most workout lovers is the weight of smith machine bar. The reason being, it’s difficult to figure out the weight of smith machine bar.  Here is what you need to know about the smith machine bar weight.

What is the Weight of Smith Machine Bar?

Woman Using Smith Machine Bar Weight For FitnessA smith machine is often linked to heavy weightlifting.  If used accordingly, it can do a variety of exercises and target different muscles. Even so, some people feel that a smith machine is a no tool for them. Why? They believe the bar is too heavy. However, there is no reason to be extremely judgmental about the bar weight. The bar itself is actually not that “super” heavy.

A barbell is constantly compared to the smith machine bar in terms of performance and weight.  Compared to barbell, smith machine bar is lighter. It weighs about 15 to 20lb and the barbell weighs around 45lb.Truthfully, the smith machine bar weight is defined by the type, size and make of the smith machine. So, don’t be fooled that there is a standard weight for a smith machine bar.

What about the Hammer Strength Smith Machine Bar?

Hammer strength smith machine is said to be an advanced tool for training the muscles.  In most cases, the hammer strength bar follows a 7-degree angle. Basically, the whole idea of this machine is to help athletes train better and heavier. This, however, doesn’t imply that it’s limited to Olympic athletes.  It can be used by anyone trying to sculpt a classy body.

Training with this machine can help you push past the plateaus in a safe mode.  Just like a normal smith machine bar, a hammer strength bar weight also vary. Popular hammer strength smith machine bar weighs about 10 to 15bl. If not convinced, you can confirm the weight with a professional trainer.

Does Planet Fitness Smith Machine Bar Weight The Same?

Heard of planet fitness before? If you’re a gym goer or workout fanatic, you’ve probably heard of it.  It offers gym services at an amazingly cheap price. The common tools provided in the building include a smith machine and dumbbells. Besides welcoming both beginners and casual gym goers, planet fitness opens 24/7.

A planet fitness smith machine bar and a typical smith machine bar, do they weigh the same?  Typically, yes. There’s actually no much difference when the two are compared in terms of weight. A smith machine bar in planet fitness weighs about 20lb.

What Determines the Smith Machine Weight Bar

Basically, the type of smith machine determines the bar weight.  There are different types of smith machine with different weight capacity.  In order to make an informed choice on the weight to carry, it’s important to know the different types of smith machines. Below are the various types of smith machines on the market.

All-In-One Smith Machines

Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine PackageJust like the name suggests, they come with multiple stations to place additional free weights. Compared to stand-alone smith machines, the all-in-one is more advanced. To be honest, they’re quite expensive. A good example is Body Solid Series 7 Smith Machine Package.

Residential Smith Machines

Marcy Smith machine (SM 4008)Residential smith machines are mainly associated with a home gym setup. In most cases, these machines can hold a weight capacity of 300-400lb. They‘re also designed with a lighter bar for easy lifting, especially for a novice. Marcy Smith machine(SM 4008) is a good example of a home gym smith machine.

Commercial Smith Machines

 Body Solid SCB1000 Pro Club line Smith MachineThey are built specifically for commercial gyms like planet fitness. If you are a heavy weightlifter this type should be ideal for you. They use an Olympic bar weighing up to 45lb. One of the best commercial smith machines is Body Solid SCB1000 Pro Club line Smith Machine.

Counterbalanced Smith Machines

YORK Barbell ST Counter Balanced Smith MachineCompared to a common commercial smith machine, the counterbalance bars are lighter. They decrease a common bar weight from 45lb by 20lb. Therefore, this means the bars mostly weigh about 25lb. A good example is the YORK Barbell ST Counter Balanced Smith Machine.

Angled Smith Machines

Legend Fitness 3124 Angled Smith MachineThey have a predetermined angle rotation, usually 7 degrees. The best part is that they allow a natural range of motion during exercises like squats. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about being exposed to injuries whilst exercising. The best example is Legend Fitness 3124 Angled Smith Machine.

3-Dimensional Smith Machines

Tuff Stuff XPT Trainer Smith MachineThey are capable of moving both horizontally and vertically. In short, they are not limited to the up and down movement. 3-D smith machines can mimic the free weight. So, you can exercise with the machine and still get the same feeling like exercising with free weights. Tuff Stuff XPT Trainer is a great example of this type of smith machine.

Linear Ball Bearing Smith Machines

Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine They have a ball bearing connected to the bar, which is designed to move vertically with the help of a rod. During these up and down movements, a full range of motion is also achieved. Deltech Fitness Linear Bearing Smith Machine is a perfect example.

Tips for Using a Smith Machine Bar

Regardless of the bar weight, the smith machine is a great tool for lifting heavy weights. Despite the locked vertical path, a smith machine is still a versatile machine. How so?  One can do various exercises with the smith machine like squats, bench press and biceps rows. If used correctly, it can be an excellent machine for building strength and muscles. To get the best workout results consider the following tips.

Maintain a Good Balance

Smith machine can be a bit daunting when used with squats. Why? It may fail to stabilize your muscles. Most people would prefer free weights to smith machine for squat exercise. However, if you keep your balance you won’t need to shift to other tools.

For a good balance move your feet in front of your hips. This way you can also focus on your hamstring and glutes. To get the most out of the exercise, place your heels 1.5 foot from the bar.

Use one Arm

Besides putting emphasize on your middle deltoid, you will be building a thicker and stronger back. To execute this properly, use one of your arms to hold the smith machine bar. Then, lift the bar vertically until it reaches the upper part of your chest. As simple as that!

Drag the Smith Machine Bar

The unnatural movement is the reason why a number of people ditched the smith machine. If the machine limits your range of motion, why not? The good news is that you can still work your curls with a smith machine.  You only need to keep your shoulder still (don’t sway) and drag the bar as you lift it up.  Doing this will help you strengthen your biceps.

Remove the Lever

Numerous machines employ the lever. However, with a smith machine, you actually don’t need one. But, how do you work without a lever and still focus on your muscles? Simple; grab the bar while standing under the Smith weight bar. Make sure your shoulders are in a straight posture.  With a great posture, your leg muscles get worked on effectively.

Check the Angle position

When working with an angled smith machine it’s good to plan your angle beforehand. First, consider working with a neutral path as you exercise. A good angle can be selected by varying the directions of a routine. If you find a comfortable path, then that’s a good angle. Don’t position yourself near a mirror all the time. As much as you will be checking whether you are weightlifting correctly, you will end up positioning yourself at a wrong angle.

Check Your Movement Patterns

When exercising with free weights, it’s possible to worry less about your patterns. With a smith machine, it’s important to check the movement patterns. Position yourself comfortably and monitor your patterns as you do the exercises. Great movement patterns will prevent injuries.

Benefits of a Smith Machine bar

Fit Woman Working Out Smith Machine Bar WeightA smith machine bar can help you accomplish a lot at the comfort of your home.  It can help you perfect your routines with fewer risks. A lot has been said about how a smith machine is just not good for squats. However, it’s not entirely the smith machine fault, the way you perform your squats matter a lot. Here are good reasons to use the bar.

  • As far as safety is concerned, a smith machine is very safe. If you lift the right smith machine bar weight, you can be guaranteed of exercising with less risk. You also don’t need to worry about the bar falling if it accidentally slides. The bar has been designed with a safety feature to ascertain safety.
  • Doesn’t Require Spotters. With a Smith machine, you can lift weights without a spotter. It’s absolutely safe to lift without a spotter.
  • Good for Beginners. Anyone can use smith machine bar including beginners.  The fixed-movement can help beginners train hard and build their strength gradually.
  • Allows a variety of exercises. A smith machine permits variety of effective exercises, which are good for bodybuilding.


On the flip side, a smith machine can cause issues if not used accordingly. Lifting heavy weight that your body can’t withstand can cause injuries. Take a look at the following disadvantages of a smith machine.

  • Locks you into unnatural body movements. The big concern about the machine is the movement pattern (permits only vertical movements). However, some smith machines have been developed with horizontal movements.
  • Activate the muscle less. Compared to free weights and barbells, smith machine may fail to train your stabilizer muscle as intended.
  • Exposes your knee and lower back to injuries. The limiting vertical pattern strains the knee joints and back muscles. In the long run, your knees and back muscles may experience some pain if not injuries.

Exercises to Do With Smith Machine Bar

Smith machine is an all-in-one machine. It allows you to do full body exercise, exercises for your biceps, and triceps. Here are some exercises you can comfortably do with a smith machine.

  • Bench Press. If you are targeting to press more weight on the triceps, deltoid and pectoral front, this is it. As you do the bench press with smith machine don’t lock out your elbows.
  • Triceps Dips. This exercise is good for targeting the triceps and shoulder. To effectively do the exercise, you only need to use your arm and not both arm and leg. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale as you execute the exercise. Try to learn more about  triceps exercises before you try them.
  • Bent over row. If you use an under grip you will be able to focus on your biceps and forearms more. It’s easy to lift the smith machine bar weights while doing this exercise. Maintaining a straight back throughout the exercise will be nice.
  • Biceps Curls. When you vary your weights during the exercise, you will be able to do the exercise with ease. Besides maintaining a still body, you don’t need to speed up your reps or lock out your elbow.
  • Donkey Kicks. This a common exercise for targeting the glutes. Also, it’s a great exercise for strengthening the lower back. While doing the exercise, you need to maintain a straight back at all times.
  • Even though a lot of people would prefer other machines, Smith is still a great machine to do squats. Squats are simple exercises for focusing the quads and glutes. As you do the exercise, remember not to push your knees too hard.

Take away

If possible, avoid doing deep squats with a smith machine (though not a must!). You can do a trial and error to know the best exercise to work with. The key is choosing a tool and an exercise that meets your needs.

Do you work out with a smith machine? If so, what is the possible weight of a smith machine bar? And how much does planet fitness smith machine bar weigh?