Squats should be part of every proper workout routine because it trains our core muscles, so much needed for a correct body posture. However, in spite of the fact that squats appear to be simple exercises, if you don’t perform them correctly, they won’t be effective.

Believe it or not, there are many people out there that make mistakes when performing squats. They believe that there’s no way to do squats wrong, but a bad back posture, for instance, can lead to back discomfort and pain. So, how can you make sure you’re performing squats right? Well, there’s no point in hiring a personal trainer for this. Instead, you can opt for a sissy squat machine. Here is everything you need to know about it.


What is a sissy squat machine?

A sissy squat machine is a device that is meant to help you perform sissy squats. Just like in the case of many other types of exercises, this is a machine developed to allow you to perform the exercise in the best way possible.

In other words, if you want to perform sissy squats in an easy, comfortable, and effective manner, you need a sissy squat machine for the task. Compared to other types of workout machines, the sissy squat machine is quite small and can be easily fitted almost anywhere.

The sissy squat equipment helps you by locking your feet in the right position. It also helps with leaning backward correctly and no more than it is needed for the exercise. So, you will have to stand on the bench of the sissy squat machine and place your feet along with a vertical pad.

Then, with the help of a padded bar, you’ll be able to lock your feet in the right place. This way, it will be safe for you to lean backward for the squats, as there’s no risk for losing your balance. It’s true that you can perform squats without any kind of equipment. But having the possibility to enjoy sissy squats with a special machine will certainly boost your performances.


Do sissy squats work?

If you never heard about sissy squats, you may be tempted to believe that this is something new. The truth is that the sissy squat is not new at all, as various ways of performing the well-known squats have been around for quite a while.

In the eyes of many, the sissy squat is actually an old way of performing this type of exercise. In spite of its “old” age, the sissy squat is still around, which is a clear sign that it works and is more than capable of providing the desired results.

Quad muscle anatomyHow does a sissy squat work? This exercise is extremely effective in isolating the quads during training. This is possible due to the position of your legs, which prevents the glutes from becoming active during the exercise. Thus, your quads will end up doing all the hard work, if not even all the work, training harder than in the case of performing barbell squats.

So, next time you wonder whether a sissy exercise will actually work, now you have all the explanations you need. This exercise will not only help you get stronger quads but will also aid in balancing the muscles in the anterior and posterior chain, for better body development.

Are you interested in getting those sissy squat muscles? No matter how enthusiastic you are, if you never performed sissy squats before, you should take it easy at first. Straining yourself or risking an injury is not a good strategy. Even with the help of a sissy squat machine, you can get sore muscles, so focus more on doing sissy squats correctly. Then, as soon as you gain more experience, you’ll be able to advance with your training.


Benefits of sissy squats?

With your ankles and calves secured by a sissy squat machine, it will be easier to get the confidence you need to go through the workout session. This will enable you to push your entire body weight back for the exercise because you’ll be confident that nothing wrong can happen.

Thus, your core muscles and quads will bear all the burden and tension when you’ll come up. In other words, you will train your anterior chain much more effectively than when performing traditional quads. So, you should seriously consider getting a sissy squat bench. If you’re interested in more sissy squat benefits, here is a consistent list.

  • You will have the incredible opportunity to train your hip flexors. This particular muscle group is incredibly hard to train because there are very few exercises that can actually target them. But, with the help of a sissy machine and this particular training, you can work these out as well;
  • Your thighs will get the shape you dream about. A sissy squats machine is indeed effective in helping you build muscles. But, more than this, it will allow you to shape those thighs right. So, if you’re lingering for teardrop-shaped thigh muscles, training this way will get you there;
  • If you’re looking for an exercise that is effective and helps you train several areas at once, then you’ll get this with sissy squats. Because it is a compound exercise, you’ll achieve more in a shorter period if you train with a sissy squat machine;
  • It is possible to increase the difficulty of your training with a sissy squat machine while minimizing risks. For instance, if you feel ready to start training with a barbell, a sissy squat machine will help you do so while staying on the safe side;
  • In case you want to enjoy 6-pack abs, a sissy squat machine will make this wish come true. Because your core muscles are training much harder, the desires results won’t fail to appear relatively fast.


Why is it called a sissy squat?

Okay, so you got the idea that sissy squats are effective, but what’s with the name? How come such a great exercise bears this name? Although there doesn’t seem to be any connection with Greek mythology at first, the truth is that the name of this exercise comes from Sisyphus, a Greek king that tortured a great number of people. As a punishment, he was sent to the underworld where Hades gave him an impossible task.

He was said that if he manages to push a huge rock to the top of a hill, he will be set free. The king soon realized that it was a punishment for eternity, as the rock would fall back to the bottom every time he was close to the hill’s top.

What does this have to do with squats and muscles? Well, without a doubt, the king got to do a lot of hard work to push that rock up the hill. He build considerable muscle mass from that. Since this is also the purpose of a sissy squat machine, it is easy to see how it got its name.


Are sissy squat machines safe?

If you’re considering investing in a sissy squat machine, you’re probably wondering if it is indeed safe. After all, as a beginner, you’re weary when it comes to spending money on workout equipment. Such equipment, like the sissy squat machine, can help you achieve the results you want, but there are also risks if you don’t know how to use the equipment right.

The best part about using a sissy squat machine is that it is extremely easy to utilize. You don’t need any kind of previous training or knowledge to make a sissy squat machine work for you. So, the answer to the question of whether a sissy squat machine is safe is yes. There are very low to none chances of getting injured when working out this way.

The sissy squat machine is even recommended for beginners, as it allows them to build strength in a gradual manner. Of course, it depends on you to know your current condition and work out adequately. Don’t push yourself too much at first, giving your body the chance to build its resilience in time.

Also, due to the padded backrest, you’re back will get all the support it needs during the workout session. While traditional squats can lead to back pain. If you don’t do them right, there’s no risk for such when using a sissy squat machine. Also, having your legs locked in place will provide all the stability you need for a workout session.


A great option for both beginners and experienced lifters

Sometimes, what works for experienced lifters is not that great for beginners, who still need to acquire strength and training experience. Luckily, this is not applicable in the case of a sissy squat machine. The sissy squat machine is safe, easy to use, and offers the possibility to progress with your training when you feel ready for it. So, once you get a sissy squat machine, you’ll end up using it for a very long time. It will become a very important part of your training routine because it is so effective and versatile.

You just need to pay attention to the squat machines available on the market, checking out their features and quality. To minimize the risk of injury while making sure you’ll be able to use your machine for as long as it is possible, it is advisable to invest in a reliable product.