Do you think you are ok in your training without a shoulder press machine? Think again. If not, you need to employ this exceptional training technique in your daily training and exercises.

Machine shoulder press has got your back, especially, if you need to simulate both the slow and forward movements. It works well if you need a perfect adjustable back. Free-weights will always be compared to the shoulder press machines. It is undeniable that free- weight is good for a new bie. However, it’s good to complement it with other techniques.

Machines such as shoulder press smith machine, offer irresistible benefits which otherwise, free-weights couldn’t afford to deliver. These benefits range from fast bodybuilding to achieving muscular shoulders. Building that upper chest, getting a fit shoulder and generally attaining a classy “alpha” look shouldn’t be that cumbersome. A machine shoulder press can make these goals smooth and easy to attain.

5 Reasons You Should Be Incorporating Shoulder Press Machines in Your Workouts

Here are five good reasons why you need to work into the gym and choose a shoulder press machine.

  1. Stability of Your Shoulder-Joints

When training, always consider various grip widths. This technique affects deltoid; a prime shoulder mover. Machines, particularly, Smith Machine Shoulder press trains the middle and front shoulder muscles (the anterior and lateral deltoid). The lateral shoulder muscles play a role in lifting your arms above the shoulder level. In other words, training your muscles ascertains the stability of your shoulder joints and guarantees a good transmission of energy all over the body.

A beginner or not, it is always essential to choose a promising training technique. A smart trainee will always use a machine which guarantees joints stability. If you are convinced that a shoulder press machine is good at this, be it a barbell, dumbbell or a seated shoulder press machine then go for it!

  1. Awesome Exercise Feeling

Happy Woman Using Shoulder Press MachineWhat is a good training without fun or that “great” feeling? No one goes to exercise or training expecting zero enjoyable sessions. We are human and we will always expect something fun out of every activity we indulge in.

A shoulder press machine integrates this feature especially, the seated shoulder press machine. This type of shoulder press machine allows you to sit as you do your training. It accommodates room for comfort to a certain degree. Just perfect!

People will always complain about how training is complex, tedious and strenuous. The mindset is not the only problem. The tools, the techniques, and movements play a role to a certain extent. A smith machine provides a consistent resistant and accommodates various strength curves.

Going for a gym session with no knowledge of the right equipment to employ will definitely make your training sessions stressful. With shoulder press machine you can worry less.

  1. Right Work Weight

Every bodybuilder, weightlifter has that mission, goal of lifting heavy weights and getting that “irresistible” broad shoulder. So, here is what you need to know. A machine shoulder press does a great job at balancing weight along with a fixed and secure path of motion. Your work is just to do the “pull “and “push” exercise. In the long run, you will safely pile your weight and get that strong and big upper chest.

Unlike free- weights, machines build your shoulders gradually and fast. So, get rid of the idea that smith machines are non-functional. You go to a training class to do exercises and achieve a goal not to move around.

  1. Safety Assurance

Woman Using Shoulder Press MachineEver heard of an exercise technique that assures 100% safety? No, every equipment has its pros and cons. Shoulder press machine is a safety-go tool. It has an inbuilt safety feature. Therefore, you can worry less about exercise tools falling after lifting them. To top it up, no more worries of getting trapped under a bar while in a smith or seated machine.

Injuries in an exercise are normal but regular injuries certainly are not. Shoulder press machine is built to ensure less room for errors and technicalities to guarantee safety. It is a great tool to exercise your shoulders with maximum safety from a comfortable setting.

Don’t work into a gym to get those massive shoulders only to work out with a broken arm or neck. Choose a seated shoulder press machine or any machine of your choice.

  1. Constant Tension Assurance

If you want to do your shoulder and arm exercise and be assured of constant tension, shoulder press machine has you covered. But what is Constant Tension (CT)? Typically, it is a training technique that provides better results, increases intensity on the muscle and ascertains less stress on the muscle. This happens because of a constant plane of movements.

Dumbbell press is ideal in assuring constant tension, particularly the dumbbell fly technique. Tension is generated when dumbbells are up. As you slowly pull your arms down, directly over your shoulder the tension gradually fades away.

Bonus Info

There are numerous pitfalls in attempting to perform a shoulder press. Therefore, take your time and choose the ideal equipment. Top rated shoulder press machines include

  • Barbell shoulder press machine
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Shoulder press smith machine

Machines are not all you need to get that right shoulder shape. The right exercise and correct movements also play a crucial role. Supplement your normal exercise routines with best machine techniques and get better results now!

A note to remember; don’t exclusively use the smith machine; you won’t want to strain your stabilizer muscle group and increase chances of injuries.