Also known as a Roman Chair, the hyperextension machine is one of the most underrated pieces of workout equipment. Performing reverse hyper crunches and back workouts is one of the most effective ways to target muscles responsible for good posture. They also help you hit abdominal muscles that normal floor routines do not work very well.

If you want to get your core, lower back, and glutes in the best shape they’ve ever been in, then a reverse hyper machine a perfect choice. These machines are great for improving posture, targeting hard to reach back and core muscles, and confusing your muscles. These factors are something that should always be a part of your fitness routine.

What is a Reverse Hyper Extension Machine

Man Working Out Reverse Hyperextension MachineReverse hyper machines are easy to spot due to their unique design. You have most likely seen them around your local gym but may have underestimated how useful they really are. If you haven’t seen them, they are made of a small adjustable platform and two leg braces to keep your feet in place while you bend over the front of the bench and back up. They normally include a padded bench to rest your hips against and leg braces to keep you in place.

These machines were originally designed to be used in rehabilitation programs for the elderly. They were also used by people who struggle with bad posture and those with severe back pain. As word of its effectiveness spread. it has been adopted by the fitness community due to the wealth of benefits they provide. Reverse hyper machines are ideal for those who want to better target these otherwise hard to reach muscles. While deadlifts and pull-ups are great for working out the back, they do not isolate the lower back muscles and obliques as much as the hyperextension machine is able to.

Why the Reverse Hyper Extension Should Be In Your Routine

Man Working Out Using Reverse Hyperextension Machine For FitnessThe benefits of performing the reverse hypers are proven to help not only target difficult to reach muscle groups but can also give you quite a few health benefits. These hyperextension workouts target the erector spinae muscles. These muscles are a key muscle group that helps to support the lower to mid spine. They also hit the glute muscles in a different manner than the typical squat and leg press. This further improves the glute’s ability to stay flexible and strong and not cause tightness to the erector spinae muscles.

These workouts are highly regarded by many fitness experts to be a critical workout that shouldn’t be overlooked. They will help you to get past ruts in your fitness routine and can play a big role in helping you to leap over plateaus you may be struggling to surpass. Some of the key benefits these machines offer are:

Improved Posture

When you perform a reverse hyperextension you are actually helping to lengthen important muscles in the lower back. These muscles are responsible for maintaining good posture and reducing unhealthy muscle tension. When these muscles are lengthened, it reduces the strain of the lower back muscles and core. This makes it harder to slouch and easier to stay upright. Having good posture helps to reveal those hard-earned abs. It also keeps you from developing a variety of back problems. The secondary glute activation the movement provides also helps to provide further support to the lower back and fight tightness and soreness in the lower back.

Increase Functional Strength

Functional strength and coordination are very important to athletes who are training for competition. This is the type of strength that requires dexterity and balance. If you have been exercising regularly for a while, then you probably understand that keeping your core engaged while performing squats, deadlifts, and many other workouts is important for getting the most out of your reps. By training these core muscle groups you can better prepare yourself to perform better in any sport. Use reverse hyperextension machines to improve core stability, coordination, and balance.

Get Rid of Back Pain

The most common cause of back pain is tight and untrained lower back and glute muscles. Bad posture, weak glute muscles, and a lack of flexibility all will contribute to back pain. The roman chair workouts help to improve all of these by targeting the glute muscles, allowing you to stretch and improve your lower back flexibility, as well as helping to workout ay tightness and improve the length and strength of these important muscles.

As you train the back and glute muscles, the muscles will be able to offer much better support to the lower spine when sitting, standing, or performing any type of athletic activity. Athletes understand the necessity of staying balanced and maintaining core strength. Reverse hyperextensions are a secret weapon to help even further improve your entire core, not just your abs.

It is important to be careful with these workouts if you already experience constant back pain. Be sure to consult your doctor before engaging in strenuous reverse hyper machine exercises.

How To Choose the Best Reverse Hyper Extension Machine

The benefits and necessity of incorporating these workouts into your routine are evident, now how can you make sure you pick the best machine for you? There are a few important points to keep in mind when looking for a new hyperextension machine. These include the weight capacity they are able to support, additional attachments, and also the build quality, comfort, and durability of the machine itself. These machines come in a variety of different build types. Some include a single bar and padding while others have the leg holders separate from the bar. Some even have a flat bench included so you can get an entire core workout in one versatile machine.

There are always trade-offs between the different models. That is why we have created this guide to help you find the ideal piece of equipment for your preferences.

Some of our top picks for the best reverse hyperextension machines include:

1. Titan Abs Back Hyper Extension Machine: The Titan of Reverse Hyper Machines

Titan Abs Back Hyper Extension Machine For FitnessIf you are looking for a durable reverse hyperextension machine, Titan has the product for you. It is built with a thickly padded bench with reinforced stitching, a strong Y-frame design, and also has great stability so you can focus on your reps and not falling over.


  • Sturdy Y-frame design
  • Adjustable height to fit any user and difficulty level.
  • Clean and vibrant red Titan powder coating finish.
  • Foldable for easy storage.
  • Stability maximizing feet grips.
  • 250 lb weight capacity.

The Bottom Line

The Titan reverse hyperextension machine is perfect for any home gym. It is sturdy, durable, and well built so you can target those hard to reach erector spinae muscles and glutes hamstrings with ease. Users have consistently rated this product with soaring colors. It is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable, durable, and easy to use reverse hyperextension machines on the market. At a very reasonable price point, this machine is a must for the average fitness enthusiast. 

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2. Marcy Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench: High Quality and Affordable

Marcy Adjustable Hyper Extension BenchThe Marcy Hyper Extension bench is a very well made and easy to use reverse hyper machine. It includes a 2 piece design with a frame built in for improved stability during your workout. The machine has a separated design that allows for any type of ab workout you want to perform. Face downward to perform the back hyperextension or flip around to do hyperextension ab workouts for a deeper core burn. The piece is also made with heavy-duty tubing frames for great durability and support of additional weight (dumbbells and free weights).


  • Adjustable height ankle pads
  • Assist handles
  • Tube framing with a 300lb weight capacity
  • Comfortable and durable vinyl padding

The Bottom Line

The Marcy adjustable reverse machine is a powerful piece of equipment that is compact and affordable. It is perfectly designed to help guide you to perform the reverse hyperextension movement with great form. This bench is perfect for those who want premium construction and a product that will add a new dimension to your home gym. It is great for helping you broaden your exercise routine at a great price.

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3. CFF Glute and Hamstring Developer: The Hyper Extension Workhorse

CFF Glute and Hamstring DeveloperCFF has built a hardy and workout ready hyperextension machine. It is made for those who want a strong and durable hyperextension machine. This machine has a wide frame that is made with steel construction so you don’t have to worry about losing balance or a shaky base when focusing on your workout. It features extremely well-made pieces that make you feel more in control of every rep.

This reverse hyper machine is designed to take a beating and will last you for many years. Whether you are 5’ or 6’5, this machine is designed to stay steady and keep you balanced while you perform any of the workout variations the CFF reverse hyper machine can dish out.


  • Adjustable foot support with double padding and leather cover
  • Steel frame construction
  • Weighted plates to keep the machine grounded and sturdy
  • Grip handles to help you get and stay in position

Bottom Line

CFF’s reverse hyperextension machine is one of the most well-designed and fun to use pieces of equipment out there. Everything from the padding to the steel frame design makes you feel in control of each rep without feeling unbalanced or shaky. Its slightly larger and less portable than some of the other models, but what it lacks in portability it makes up for in just about every other aspect of the machine. If you are looking for a workhorse of a reverse hyper machine and need a tough heavyweight design, CFF has the choice for you.

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The Complete Guide To Finding the Right Hyper Extension Machine

As you can see, there are plenty of great options to choose from. While they are built to last and easy and comfortable to use, there are some slight differences that might make one model more suited for you than others.

All of the machines we have included are able to let you perform the same important glute, hamstring, and abdominal workouts – but each has its own feel and build quality that may suit some better than others. The following points can help you make sure that you’re making the best choice for your needs:

Size and Weight Capacity

It is important to keep in mind how much space you have available for a reverse hyper machine. The Titan model is the most portable and easy to store. However, other models such as the CFF machine have more size to them and are not able to be folded and put away at your convenience.

If you need a very sturdy, reinforced reverse hyper machine that supports more weight and will not be shaky during workouts, then keep an eye out for more weighted down and sturdy models.

To get the best of both worlds, the Marcy machine is a convenient size but also allows for easier storage and does not take up as much space as the larger CFF model.


Each workout bench in our list has its own unique benefits and drawbacks. The main reason for the price difference is the size and sturdiness of the machine. If you are just looking for a quick reverse hyperextension workout that won’t break the bank and can be easily folded and stowed away, then the Titan product is more suited for you. The larger and more reinforced the build quality of the machine, the higher the price will likely be. This is not a bad tradeoff, though, as the steel frame design and durability of the CFF model make its slightly higher price point well worth the few extra bucks.

Build Type

There are two main build types to keep an eye out for when searching for your new hyperextension machine. These include the more simple one piece, foldable designs as used in Titan’s Roman Chair. It also includes the larger and more robust bench-style designs that CFF and Marcy use. The main difference between these styles is the convenience and portability of the machine. The Titan model is easier to store but is not quite as sturdy and reinforced as the full bench design that Marcy and CFF use. The Titan model is still very comfortable and easy to use and will let you fully make use of reverse hyperextension workouts, it really just depends on your preferences.

Exercises You Can Do with a Reverse Hyper Machine

Workouts Using Reverse Hyperextension MachineReverse hyperextension machines are perfect for targeting hard to reach muscles in the core, obliques, and lower back. They are great secondary workouts that help improve your squat and deadlift power and they are also great for improving posture and warding off back problems in later life. The workouts you can do with these reverse hyper machines include:

Back Hyper Extension

This is the quintessential workout these machines were designed for. To perform it, simply lean against the pad with your stomach while placing your ankles against the leg guards. Then, bend forward extending your head towards the ground and then bend back upwards while flexing your abs, glutes, and lower back. You can even hold a dumbbell or weighted plate for increased difficulty after you have become accustomed to the workout. Make sure to use all of these muscles – abs, glutes, AND lower back in order to do the movement correctly and not strain any muscles in the lower back or pinch any nerves.

Oblique Curl

Oblique curls are a very novel approach to using a reverse hyper machine. You can carve out the hard to get oblique muscles by simply leaning your hips against the padding and the side of your ankles against the leg guards. Once you are in position, just curl upwards. Perform the movement slowly while making sure to fully contract the muscle in order to work the entire length of the oblique muscle.

Ab Hyper Extension Curls

One of the best workouts you can do with a hyperextension machine is sit-ups. These sit-ups are much more effective than normal ground-based crunches. You can go beyond the normal ninety-degree range that the floor restricts you to and get deeper contractions. This extra space lets you get a much deeper contraction of the abdominal muscles. As a result, this gives a much better ab workout. You can even add weights in the form of a dumbbell or plate to really challenge yourself and carve out the six-pack of your dreams.

Why Should You Purchase a Reverse Hyper Extension Machine?

At the end of the day, all fitness enthusiasts know that switching up your routine helps to confuse your muscles and trigger better results. Adding in the reverse hyperextension workout to your routine is the perfect way to do just that. It targets muscles that help to improve power lifts such as the squat and deadlift. This process can give you more health benefits than many workouts are able to. These benefits include improved spinal health, better flexibility, and a more stable gait. In addition, it is one of the most effective ways to add a new dimension to your ab training regimen. Reverse hyper machines help you surpass those plateaus you have been struggling with.

When you are looking for your new reverse hyperextension machine, keep our reviews in mind. Think about portability, size limits, and build type/quality before you make your decision. No matter which machine you pick from this reverse hyper machine review, you can be sure you will be getting great quality products from well-respected manufacturers.

Have you been trying out reverse hyperextension workouts? Which type of machine is your favorite to use? Let us know in the comments below!