If you love getting out your rage (and a great workout) on the punching bag, you should consider making a home punching bag station. With your own punching bag stand, you can work out whenever you want without driving to the gym or competing with others who also want to use the equipment. Plus, you can build that ripped upper body muscle and lose that belly fat, moving closer to a chiseled body you can be proud to show off.

A punching bag stand for home use is a wonderful addition to your home gym. It’s also a great first piece of equipment if you’re just getting started. So, why should you add a punching bag and stand to your home gym equipment? Also, where should you look for a punching bag stand? We have the answers to all of these questions and more. In this article, learn about what to look for in a punching bag stand, our favorite products and where you can find them.

What Punching Bag Workouts Can Do for Your Body

Man Working Out Using A Punching BagYou don’t have to be a boxer to benefit from a punching bag workout. Today, fitness boxing, or working out using a punching bag, has grown popular thanks to its many benefits. Not only that, but it’s fun! Finding a fun type of exercise is essential for achieving your fitness goals.

If you’re still on the fence about whether a punching bag stand is worth your investment, let the research do the talking. When it comes to exercise, punching bag workouts are among the most effective for slimming down and gaining muscle. Here’s what you should know:

  • You’ll Lose Weight

A research study on obese individuals showed that subjects lost more weight when doing HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) punching bag workouts than when doing brisk walking. Not only did subjects lose more weight, but they also improved their body fat percentage, suggesting that muscle was retained or gained while exercising. Subjects who participated in punching bag workouts also lowered their blood pressure and improved their physical functioning. In contrast, walking didn’t offer any of these benefits.

How do you know it works? Punching bag workouts can help you burn up to 400 calories per hour for individuals who weigh 150 pounds. However, this depends on the intensity as well.

  • You’ll Improve Your Balance

The nature of engaging with a punching bag involves lots of moving around on your feet and interacting with the bag. With each punch, you must keep your balance. As a result, you’ll improve your balance.

  • You’ll Gain Strength

The stance and muscles you use while exercising with a punching bag also mean you’ll gain strength. While it’s not the same as lifting weights, you can gain long, lean muscles while using the punching bag. In particular, your upper body and core strength will increase with regular punching bag use. Use your punching bag in combination with weight lifting workouts that feature your power rack or a basic weight set, and you’ll take your muscle building to the next level. 

  • You’ll Get Your Cardio In

A good punching bag workout will get your heart pumping fast. So, on the days that you don’t work out on your recumbent bike, hit the bag! You can get a great cardio workout just by punching the bag. However, it does depend on you to make sure you choose a good workout routine. Increasing evidence is mounting that HIIT style workouts are among the best types of workouts. You get more bang for your buck with HIIT workouts because you gain the same benefits of moderate exercise in a much shorter amount of time (1).

  • The Punching Bag Offers Mental Health Benefits

Exercise offers plenty of mental health benefits because it causes a release of endorphins, which are associated with positive thoughts and feelings. Hitting the punching bag is no different than other exercise and offers this stress-relieving benefit. In addition, hitting a punching bag offers a great way to express your aggression in a visceral way that not all exercise allows (2).

There’s no excuse! A punching bag stand will give you a great workout with many varied benefits that you can’t turn down. All you need is some very simple equipment and you can start enjoying these benefits in the comfort of your own home! So, how should you pick out your very own punching bag and stand? Here’s your guide:  

Your Guide to Choosing a Perfect Punching Bag Stand

There are a variety of options when it comes to punching bag stands. For home use, there are some considerations you should take into account when you make your purchase. Here’s your guide to understanding punching bag stands and choosing one that’s perfect for your needs:

Types of Punching Bag Stands:

If you look up options for setting up a punching bag in your home gym, you’ll find that you can opt for a mount on your ceiling or wall or a few types of stands. Stand up punching bag stands are the most popular types of punching bag stands because they are practical, take up little space, and can be moved around. These types of stands offer the most versatility, as if you choose to mount the bag to your wall, it’s a more permanent arrangement.

There are other considerations when looking at types of stand up punching bag stands. For example, some offer just one hook, while other styles offer hooks for up to two or three punching bags. Finally, you must consider what type of punching bag you’d like to use. Some stands can only accommodate heavy punching bags, while others are designed for speed bags. Make sure you know your preferences about which type of bag you’ll use.


Check the height of the punching bag stand before you purchase it. Not only is this important for you to know so that you can make sure it will fit in your home, but you also need the bag to hang at a comfortable height for your workouts. Check the specifications before you purchase and make sure that it will be comfortable for you to use. Keep in mind that most bags and stands are adjustable, so you will be able to make some changes.


As you’re shopping, you’ll have to take your budget into account. Most punching bag stand products run in the range of $100 up to several hundred dollars. On top of that, you’ll probably have to purchase the bag separately, unless you opt for a set that includes a punching bag with stand. Finally, other accessories required include gloves and hand wraps. So, overall, you’ll have to consider your budget for all of these items, not just the punching bag stand.

Fitnessator’s Top Pick

Everlast Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast Boxing Heavy Bag Stand Why We Love It:

This punching bag stand offers a standard, affordable stand that won’t let you down in your workouts. Made from sturdy, heavy duty steel tubing, you can count on this stand to handle every blow it takes while working out.


  • Made from heavy duty materials. The stand is constructed of powder coated steel tubing.
  • Accommodates a heavy punching bag (not included) of up to 100 pounds.
  • Measurements are: 69 inches long, 25 inches wide and 84.13 inches tall (just over 7 feet tall)
  • The product weighs 55 pounds when shipped

Things to Consider

While the Everlast punching bag stand is made from sturdy materials, you may have to make use of the 3 weight plate legs to achieve maximum stability. Place the weight plates you already have in your home gym on the provided legs and your stand won’t budge even during your hardest workouts.

Customer Reviews

Customers are generally pleased with this stand up punching bag stand, which is one of the reasons it’s our top pick. It’s easy to put together and functions well, customers report.

Despite the overall glowing reports of the punching bag stand, there are a few complaints that customers share. One of the main pitfalls, customers report is that it can be difficult to put together. However, once it’s together, the main complaint is that the stand wobbles during use. The design of the stand does foresee this problem and includes weight legs so that you can add weights for stability.

Who Should Purchase This Product

If you want a basic punching bag stand for a reasonable price and have the weight plates on hand to stabilize it, the Everlast punching bag stand is a bargain. Made from quality materials and without any bells and whistles that will take the price up, this meets most user’s needs in a punching bag stand. It’s also ideal for customers who need a low-height option that will easily fit into a garage or basement.

Fitnessator’s Runner Up

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value Bundle

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand Value BundleWhy We Love It

This bundle provides you with everything you need to get started with your own punching bag stand station. Featuring a punching bag and stand, this bundle even includes the gloves, cotton hand wraps and speed bag so that you can perform a variety of workouts. We love this bundle because it offers a great starter pack of high quality items for a reasonable cost.


  • Bundle includes: Dual station heavy bag stand, a choice between a 70 pound or 100 pound heavy bag, leather speed bag, leather bag gloves, cotton hand wraps
  • The punching bag stand is made of steel tubing and features 3 weight pegs
  • Measurements are: 66.5 inches long, 47.6 inches wide and 86.2 inches (7 feet 2.2 inches) tall
  • Weight: 155 pounds (depending on which heavy bag you choose)

Things to Consider

This value bundle offers you everything you need to get started with your punching bag workouts at home. Much more than a simple punching bag stand, this kit will even give you the versatility of using a heavy bag and a speed bag. However, because of this, it is a bit larger than other, single bag stands.

It’s also important to note that many customers say that the gloves included in the bundle don’t hit the mark for quality and usefulness. So, be prepared to shell out a little more cash from some quality gloves that will get you through your punching bag workouts.

Customer Reviews

Overall, customers are happy with the value bundle by Everlast. They love the price and the fact that you get everything you need to get started with your punching bag workouts.

However, there were some common theme complaints about the products as well. The biggest problem was that the gloves included are sub-par for many customers. Other complaints about quality were more general and related to the stand, but are few and far between.

Who Should Purchase This Product

If you’re serious about punching bag workouts and want a starter pack, this is a great value product. Individuals who prefer this product probably have a bit more space to dedicate to the equipment and also want the variety of using a speed bag as well as a heavy bag. These two types of bag will offer you two very different workout options. While the heavy bag is slower and harder to work with, the speed bag requires more concentration and really gets your heart rate up.

Fitnessator’s Honorable Mention

Ringside Prime Free-Standing MMA Heavy Bag Stand

Ringside Prime Free-Standing MMA Heavy Bag StandWhy We Love It

The Ringside Prime Heavy Bag Stand is a great tall stand ideal for taller individuals. The stand is sturdy and is offered at a reasonable rate. Like other similar stand up punching bag stands, the Ringside stand functions best when weighted down with free plate weights.


  • This punching bag stand is made from steel bars and easily accommodates long punching bags.
  • Features weight pegs where you can place plate weights for stability.
  • Measurements are: 50 inches long, 35 inches wide and 7 foot 11 inches tall
  • Weight: 53 pounds when shipped

Things to Consider

The height of this stand can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on where you’d like to locate your punching bag stand. However, if you’re a taller individual, this type of taller stand is ideal, so you might want to consider whether you can make space for it.

Customer Reviews

Customers rave that the stand is easy to put together and fairly sturdy overall. Using weights on the pegs or sandbags is mandatory though, for stability. There aren’t too many complaints, although some customers report that some bolts were missing in their package. Another customer noted that the steel bar actually bent after a few weeks of holding up a heavy punching bag! These experiences seem to be outliers, however, as the majority of customers report a positive experience.

Who Should Purchase This Product

This punching bag stand is ideal for taller individuals who want to make sure they can punch comfortably. Featuring a sturdy steel construction, this stand will hold up for all of your punching bag workouts. Simply keep in mind that you’ll have to purchase your own punching bag and any other equipment such as gloves or free weights (for stability) along with the stand if you don’t already own these items.

Best 2-Station Punching Bag Stand

Everlast Best 2-Station Punching Bag StandWhy We Love It

Get more varied workouts, or even workout with a buddy, using this 2-station punching bag stand. With this stand, you can hang both a heavy bag and a speed bag at the same time. Forget fighting with your heavy weight bag to get it up and down when you need your speed bag. Instead, hang them both and get to work hitting those bags hard, either with a partner or in separate rounds.


  • Made of sturdy steel tubing, the stand also features weight pegs for stability
  • Supports heavy bags of up to 100 pounds
  • Measurements are: 66.5 inches long, 47.6 inches wide and 86.2 inches (7 feet 2.2 inches) tall
  • Weighs: 71 pounds when shipped

Things to Consider

If you have limited space, you may prefer a simpler model that only allows you to hang one bag. However, for those with more space, this 2-station stand really opens up the workout possibilities.

For maximum stability, you’ll need to place plenty of free weights on each of the leg pegs. So, make sure you add these to your purchase list if you don’t have weights.

Customer Reviews

Customers love that the product is reasonably priced and sturdy. However, a few customers seem to have received defective products that quickly became damaged. In one case, the speed bag platform broke after just 3 uses, the customer complains. However, the majority of customers are pleased with their purchase.

Who Should Purchase This Product

Those who are looking for a punching bag stand that allows them to do both heavy bag and speed bag workouts, this is the best product. However, if you don’t own punching bags already, you may consider our Runner Up product, the bundle value also sold by Everlast. That way, you can get the best value and get your punching bags along with the stand.

Sample Punching Bag Workout

We’ve already covered the benefits of HIIT workouts. There’s no reason you should opt for any other type of workout if losing weight, getting lean and achieving maximum health benefits in a minimum amount of time is your goal. So, are you ready to get working out with your punching bag and stand?

Here’s a sample HIIT workout you can try. Just remember, with HIIT, you’re going for maximum intensity, so work as hard as you can for the short amount of time you’re performing the exercise. Then, rest for the amount of time indicated. During rest, you can pace or walk slowly.

Warmup: 30 seconds, Jog in place or do jumping jacks

  1. Straight Punches: 45 seconds. Position yourself in front of the punching bag with your feet angled slightly out at about 45 degree angles towards the bag. Punch straight into your heavy bag, alternating arms for each punch. Try to go as fast as you can for the whole time!

Rest: 15 seconds

  1. Round Kicks: 45 seconds. For this exercise, position yourself about a leg’s length away from the heavy bag. Kick the bag at about chest height, hitting the bag from the side (this is why they’re called round kicks, you kick out and around). Try to alternate legs, going a few at a time before switching legs for best results.

Rest: 15 seconds

  1. Hooks: 45 seconds. For this exercise, you’ll be coming at the bag from the side, keeping your elbow bent as you make contact with the bag. Either make your fist with your thumbs facing yourself or facing the ceiling. Alternate arms.

Rest: 15 seconds

  1. 2 Jabs and a Squat: 45 seconds. Throw two quick straight punches and then perform a squat.

Rest: 15 seconds

Now, repeat exercises 1-4 including the rests 2 more times, for 3 rounds total. This will give you a full 12 minute workout plus 12-minute up.

Seem like too much? Lower your sets to only 30 seconds each and give yourself 20 seconds of rest. Slowly, increase the time you spend exercising until you can handle the full 45 second burst. If the workout feels too easy, you should work on increasing your intensity. You might do this by counting how many punches and kicks you can throw each set. Then, challenge yourself to do better each time.

The Bottom Line on Choosing a Punching Bag Stand

Your very own punching bag with a stand could be the key home gym equipment that expands your workout possibilities, leading you to a leaner, stronger body. Ranging from high quality, standard punching bag stands that will make it through your hardest hits to value bundles ideal for beginning punching bag users, there are great options on the market. So, make a decision and purchase your own punching bag stand today and transform your home workouts!

Do you have a favorite punching bag stand or boxing workout? Tell us about them in the comments below!