No doubt! Eating right and doing the right workouts will get you to your health goals. But why not supplement them with best protein pills for better and quick results? Protein pill is a better alternative to protein powder and shake. Building some muscles, losing or gaining weight, improving your skin, immune boosting; whatever the goal is, protein pills are available to back up your health mission.

The issue is always which high protein pills to trust. That’s why this article compiled 4 of the best-reviewed protein supplements pills worth your time and money.

Top 4 Protein Pills

1. 42Nutrition Collagen Type I & III

42Nutrition Collagen Type I & III42 Nutrition Collagen is made from collagen type I &III, which provides crucial amino acids essential to your general health. Inside the package are 260 gelatin capsules containing 200mg and 20mg of vitamin C (for collagen formation).

Why Choose

This protein pill product is good for mature or aging skin. Collagen products are best known for providing the skin glow, 42Nutrition collagen is certainly not exceptional. If you are the picky type, one thing you can be assured of is that; it is gluten-free, non-GMO and most essentially it doesn’t incorporate any additive and preservative.

The size of the pill is a scare to most. No need to worry! The capsules are not horse pills, just the right medium size and are tasteless. If you need to nourish your hair this supplement has the right ingredients. The collagen feature helps revive the hair or avoid hair breakage.

A recommended daily intake is; 4 capsules. If you want quicker results it doesn’t hurt to take 4 capsules 3 times a day. Most buyers compliment it for its medium-sized attribute, ethical source, and quality. One of the users says, he noticed some changes after taking it for a week!

Works great, does great, no flavor no smell. Simply high quality!

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2. ALR Industries Humapro Tabs

ALR Industries Humapro TabsJust like the name ‘humapro’ suggests; it has high-level amino acid good for human consumption. Talk of performance! It surpasses whey protein pills  lean mass gain by 501%. Humapro has 450 tablets with a 1089mg (0.004calories per mg) ideal for muscle growth. Remember, 1 tablet is equivalent to 5gm of protein.

Why choose

Humapro is simply a health supplement game changer. Just to iterate the human advantage it is 100% absorbed and 99% utilized by a normal body. To the vegan, this is a great supplement pill; gluten-free, no sugar, no soy or any form of heavy metal, just a high protein pill.

Humapro produces zero waste. That’s why it outperforms whey protein pills. The awesome part; it comes in different flavors including strawberry kiwi, grape, mandarin orange, apple and much more. You have the option of choosing the flavor that works best for you.

However, the size and the price can be a bit of a setback. The pill size is fairly big and can be a no to some. About the price, it shouldn’t make you skeptical. Weigh the price and the product benefit. If big pills don’t work for you and the product generally isn’t worth the hustle, proceed to the next choice.

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3. Vital Proteins Beef Liver

Vital Proteins Beef Liver100% grass feed vital protein supplement pills are fully packed with vitamin A, B12 Vitamin, folate and riboflavin. To top it, the 120,750mg capsules are made from a beef liver and gelatin to provide natural, sustainable and quality nutrients. Not forgetting the 2gm protein (per serving) that supplies 0.6mg of iron.

Why Choose

Why go for it? Vital protein plays a vital role in ensuring healthy skin and hair, boosting the immune system, improving your energy levels, providing a quick recovery after a workout and building strong bones.

Providers recommend that you take 2 pills in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. You can take them on an empty stomach, it won’t hurt. The good thing is it has no pre or aftertaste. A note, vital pills can be hard to swallow due to size. The big size gives you that weird feeling.

Users complement its precise-workable nutrition benefits. Basically, the pill description is not ambiguous. One of the users says that his morning neck stiffness reduced by at least 80-90% after taking the vital protein tabs.

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4. BCAA Capsule

BCAA Capsule Protein PillsBranched-chain amino acid (BCAA) is a 3 in one product; leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Backed by research, leucine is the most performing; can stimulate protein synthesis on its own. BCAA comes in a package of 1000 capsules (100mg per serving). It is essential for building and repairing muscles.

Why Choose

Want to get rid of muscle soreness? Try BCAA. The protein supplement pill is highly rated for its great benefits like quick injury recovery, optimum muscle growth, boosts energy during workouts and cortisol blunting (usually hinders testosterone). Well, it is easy to swallow.

Providers recommend that you take 5-10 grams of BCAA before and after your workouts. You can also choose to take 2 capsules 30-45 minutes before or immediately after workouts.

People adore it because it gets the job done. Some users would recommend pairing it with glutamine. If it works for you, well and good! Push a little further than your normal workouts with a BCAA protein pill.

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Top 5 Benefits of Protein Supplement Pills

  1. Muscle building. Aside from your personal training programs, you can add protein pills to help you gain the desired muscle weight.
  2. Weight loss. Do you want to lose weight? Use protein pill as they are capable of delivering measurable, high-quality proteins to your diet.
  3. Weight gain. Can it do both loss and gain function? Absolutely. They add calories to your diet and convert them into fat tissues.
  4. Improves skin complexion. This is the mostly unintentional function.
  5. Strengthen hair. Some of the high protein pills work best at providing adequate protein nutrients for strong and healthy hair.

You can also check some of the best protein pills Walmart sells. Good luck! As you find out what works best for you. You owe it to your body, so, choose well.