Welcome to ​Diabetes Rebels

My name is Shlomo Skinner and I want you to know this about me. I'm not a doctor. I've never received formal training in nutrition and fitness.

However, because of my blood sugar I've been forced to become something of an expert in prediabetes and diabetes and how to turn it around.

Shlomo Skinner

Let me tell you my story

​In 2015 I was diagnosed with prediabetes.

My initial reaction was one of shock. I thought the doctor had given me a life sentence of taking pills and insulin injections.

I have to tell you for the next week or so I was beside myself. I thought I was healthy and eating and doing the right things.

I decided to figure out what I had been doing wrong. I started reading everything I could find about diabetes and prediabetes.

My doctor was no help. He just wanted to write me prescriptions for drugs I didn't want to take. I wasn't interested in becoming the slave of a drug company.

Finally, on July 1, 2016 I started making changes in my life. (Yes, I really do remember that day!)

I’m no longer prediabetic. In just one month I dropped my HbA1C from 6.4 down to 5.7.

I'm fitter and healthier than I’ve been since my early 20s when I was discharged from the Marines.

What Happened?

​​I decided that diabetes wasn’t going to win. I set about studying everything I could about diabetes. I read websites, books, and scientific papers.

I looked for common threads in their stories.

I learned to control my prediabetes and actually beat it.

I'm convinced that what I did to beat prediabetes will work for almost anyone who is suffering from diabetes or prediabetes.

We’ll be looking at the causes of type 2 diabetes and the things that affect it.

With knowledge and perseverance and a little patience you can start to control your diabetes and not have it control you.

I didn't know it at the time, but on July 1st I became a Diabetes Rebel.

What about you? I don’t want to sound harsh but you only have 2 choices.

Let diabetes control you or you control diabetes.

Down one path lurks severe medical problems such as blindness and amputations. Down the other is a normal lifestyle and freedom from diabetes.

That’s a choice you need to make.

What’s it to be?

Take your time. ... I'll wait ​​. . .

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