A lot of people say that bodybuilding is the hardest and the most challenging sport of all. It is a sport to which the greatest opponent you’ll face is yourself because before you compete to other rock star bodies, you have to work really hard with yourself and achieve that goal weight and amazing set of muscles.

Working out is difficult–we know that for a fact. We have seen how bodybuilders incorporate many different kinds of motivational techniques just to successfully finish their workout sessions. And yes, motivation is really the key. Imagine yourself lifting the heaviest weights as drops of sweat drip all over your body. You need to have something to push you, inspire you and something (or someone) that keeps you believing that you can do it.

True Stories

One incredible motivational technique is listening to a couple of bodybuilders’ muscle growth stories. Hearing their sacrifices that turned into victories, and their so many ups and downs through their bodybuilding journey would inspire anyone that is currently struggling the same challenges to never give up and just keep pushing on.

In this article, let’s hear some amazing and jaw-dropping muscle growth stories that will leave you motivated and ready to take the next step in your bodybuilding journey. Hopefully, these stories would inspire you to be better, to be bolder, and to face bravely every challenge that you’re facing right now in the gym.

We want our lists of stories to be inspiring to a wide variety of bodybuilders as possible, so we say we divide the house. We have compiled both female muscle growth stories and male muscle growth stories as the male and female bodies have a lot of distinctions when it comes to muscle growth. Get ready to know them all.

Male Muscle Growth Stories

First of all, let’s discover astonishing stories from the gents. Let’s see how they cope with all the pressure from the gym or from their coaches and learn how they used the pressure and turned them into motivation.

Julian and Marian’s muscle growth stories

Julian and Marian’s muscle growth storiesThe first story that we will unveil in this article is the story of the twin brothers, Julian and Marian. Just like most of us, Julian and Marian who have had a “come and go” relationship with the gym had enrolled in various gym training courses but were always not able to finish them. They have very small and slim body types.

In his story, Julian reveals how he got so insecure with his own body. Most people comment on how thin he was then. And these people’s comments affected and bothered him so much.

So, what he did was he got up one day and decided to go to the gym and enroll one course or plan of bodybuilding which they call as Captain America Body transformation plan. Julian would like to have a couple of muscles onto his chests and arms. He also wished to have his weight increased in a safe and healthy way, of course.

Julian went to the freeletics gym and started his own plan. He was promised that he will have a hot-rockin’ body in no time.

In the first week of his muscle building journey, he got frustrated. Why? Because he felt that he got stronger, but it seemed that his body did not change as fast as he wanted it to.

His coach suggested that he increase the weights he’ll be lifting since the first week is designed to increase your muscles’ strength and agility.

Transformation Continues

Julian swore that he will give his all, but just after a couple of weeks, he found no change to his body. His coach kept on telling him that he’s on track, and he had been doing things the right way. But anyone, including Julian, could not tell any visible results then.

After 4 exhausting weeks of training, Julian was surprised to see that again, his body in a month is exactly the same! And also after a month, Marian got sick from all the hard training, and that was the lowest point of Julian’s bodybuilding journey. He started to think that bodybuilding is superficial. That everything the gym coaches and the TV commercial promise ain’t true.

However, he continued still. He was persistent like that. He admitted that he liked how strong and healthy he felt so he went on with the remaining plan anyway.

Julian said he did not only stop once or twice but he almost gave up even more than 5 times. But he always finds himself going to the gym every day.

Just about 18 weeks, Julian developed a gorgeous body composed of wide chest, enormous set of muscles, and firm arms and legs. And from 60 kilos, he now weighs 115 kilos! Just amazing, right?

Sean Nalewanyj’s muscle growth story

Sean Nalewanjy has one of the most inspiring muscle growth stories ever told in the universe. At 56 kilos or a mere 125 pounds, he realized that the very thing he wanted to change in his life is his body or his looks. He wanted (or so he did) to try and start working to improve his frame, gain muscles and develop bigger body structure but just like anybody else, he found that bodybuilding is a sport that is hard to maintain. It needs a lot of motivation and self-pushing each day that goes by.

Until, one day, he decided to never look at his reflection the same as ever before again. He started bodybuilding without a trainer, an expert coach, or anyone to motivate him. He also realized that there’s no better person to motivate and push him than himself.

Without enrolling into a specific gym course, he just watched videos and tutorials online. After a couple of weeks, he gained 15 pounds and about an inch of expansion with his arms. Right now, Sean is already enjoying his desired body weight and muscles.

One thing he learned is to never give up. Quitting must never be an option, according to Sean.

Kelsey Horton’s muscle growth stories

Kelsey Horton’s muscle growth storiesThis next story would teach us the importance of diet in growing our muscles. Kelsey’s journey is very familiar in like, another level. Kelsey discovered that changing our relationship and mood with food is necessary when we want to be successful in bodybuilding.

Kelsey shared that since she was “suffering” from having a big weight and heavy body structure, losing weight is the sport that she wanted to be passionate about.

She discovered that more than being “fit” to a certain standard, her body has the potential for more. She learned that she can push herself, break every limit, and lift weights. Eventually, Kelsey found herself being passionate about heavy weight lifting.

Transformation Continues

Indeed, it is not a sport meant for men or for the young only, it is a sport that welcomes all, and practically anyone from all ages.

Today, Kelsey is known to be a contestant from NBC’s Titan games. She said she’s been using the beautiful platform given to her to inspire other moms, women who have been struggling from their weight issues, and teenage girls who don’t have confidence with their own skin.

From being overweight, she is determined to believe that her journey must not stop according to what the numbers were telling her. Now, she has the most amazing muscles.

Natalie Barry’s muscle growth stories

Natalie used to be overweight. During her teenage years, she was bullied by her peers because of her body. And because of that, she became less confident with herself and with her body.

And it got worse because she tried as hard as she could to lose weight. She ate food at an amount that is next to nothing. She would try all kinds of cardio exercises but kept on failing. According to Natalie, there were moments that she would lose some weight, but after several months, her weight would start to gain again. And this tiring cycle went on for years.

How the Transformation Started

In her blog, Natalie shared that one thing she discovered is that every aspiring bodybuilder needs to know that one should be able to adopt only a sustainable lifestyle. The reason that she kept on failing when it comes to losing weight and having beautiful muscles, is because her lifestyle and workout routine then was not sustainable. In fact, it was dangerous.

Even after being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, also known as PCOS, she learned that her disease caused their failure with her husband to have a baby. But she told herself then, that she shouldn’t use her sickness as an excuse to stop improving herself or her body.

She said, the moment she realized that she doesn’t want to look at herself in the mirror, she used it as her turning point. Her old reflection weighed 196 pounds.

She was supposed to feel discouraged, given her age and her ailment, but she never gave up. She passed through all her struggles, outside- on the treadmill and while lifting weights, and inside- which is her self-esteem.

Transformation Continues

Now, Natalie is enjoying her beach-ready body and her beautiful set of muscles. Watching them grow every day is one fulfilling feeling, she said.

Do you know what’s the game changer? Her weight loss led to a healthy body and lifestyle, which later on led her to a happy family, as she is now celebrating her child!

Natalie enjoys every training she’s undergoing and she loves seeing her body change eventually into something healthier and fitter.

At 125 pounds, all that was left for Natalie are muscles and hot body. She is an inspiration.

Jackson Haen’s muscle growth stories

Jackson Haen’s muscle growth storiesWe always thought that all athletes are equipped with an extraordinary discipline that they should be able to carry wherever in the world they may end up. But one of the most amazing muscle growth stories is the next one that we’ll be hearing from Jackson Haen.

Jackson used to be a football superstar during college. However, his career ended up when the doctors found that he had vestibular motor issues. If you look it up, this ailment is about the brain and the eye not working with total coordination, the way that they should work.

Jackson experienced a great amount of depression, which in turn led him to the gym, as he felt the urge to lift weights.

How the Transformation Started

He then realizes that the gym and the bodybuilding world is calling his name. Jackson suddenly felt passion for lifting weights like no other.

He started his journey with bodybuilding and ended up pretty successful with it. From an enormous weight of 265 pounds, Jackson dropped it through weight lifting and bodybuilding to 210 pounds in less than a year.

Jackson taught us in his story that it was controlling and keeping track of his diet that has the biggest factor of his weight loss and muscles development. He said that he never allowed himself to have a “just this once” meal. And he never let a day go without hitting the gym.

Jackson discovered that it is important, more than anything else, to have passion in the gym, passion in what you do, and to find a million reasons to be motivated whenever you find yourself down to workout.

Transformation Continues

We have really enjoyed discovering a lot of things and learning from the different stories of the very motivated muscle builders. We can learn from these muscle growth stories that there is one thing they have in common, and that is commitment. They are committed to their body goals, not to the people’s comments, or to the discouragements that they feel. They are committed to the dream muscles and healthy physique. And that’s what kept them going.

Hopefully, the stories inspired you too, in a way or another. Get inspired, not just in bodybuilding but in everything! Have a happy and inspired day in the gym.