Muscle Building – The Basics

Do you want to build muscle?

You could buy some weights and start lifting them. That is better than nothing. In fact, even if you don’t do anything else, you’re already doing more than most other people who never take any action.

You know that it takes more than just doing “something.”

You need a plan.

Building Muscle: A Crash Course

You can achieve anything: flat abs, muscular arms, and muscular thighs, if you take the right approach.

Building strong muscles does not happen by accident.

Here’s the science behind it.

You must work a muscle a little bit beyond the point it can easily handle. Of course, you do this carefully. Your goal is to stress the muscle without injuring it.

The day after your workout, you’ll feel a soreness in the muscles that you worked the day before.

This is the start of your muscles recovering from the workout.

This recovery only takes 1 or 2 days. It could be a bit longer depending upon how fit you are.

After recovery, your muscles are now a bit stronger. As you continue this process of workout and recovery, you’ll be capable of handling a harder workout.

How do you increase the work of an exercise?

If you are lifting weights, then you could do the same lift more slowly. Or you could lift the same weights more quickly. Or you could repeat the same lift more times.

Lifting Weights

There are many different exercises you can use for building your muscles.

You’ve got jogging, running, bicycling, swimming, rowing, and gymnastics.

Why do body builders choose weightlifting?

When you choose the right weight and movement you can exercise different muscles and muscle groups. By making good choices, you can work on virtually any muscle you want to.

Also, when lifting weights you can be more exact than with any other exercise.

For example, if you’re running, you have no real control over the terrain. Once you choose a route, you can’t make the hill any more or less steep. Of course, you could use a treadmill to gain more control over your workout.

Body Weight Exercises

man doing pushups

There is another idea about lifting weights I want to share with you.

What mental image do have when you hear the phrase “weight lifting”?

I first think of bars loaded with weights and guys grunting as they try to lift them.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are routines and entire courses focused only on body weight exercises.

The biggest advantage of body weight exercises is that you don’t need any equipment. Also, if you’re travelling, you can do them in your hotel room.

Best Methods for Planning Workouts

Building the muscles you want requires effort. You must apply yourself at every workout.

Think about this: without sufficient effort, you won’t even be able to maintain the muscles you already have.

As I hinted before, listen carefully to what your body is telling you. You must push yourself, but you must also be careful. That is how you can avoid injury.

Listen carefully to the messages from your body.

When you listen carefully, then you can tell the difference between the good pain of a strong workout versus the pain of injury.

When in doubt, stop and wait. If you’re in a gym, ask one of the trainers or the more experienced members.

Now Go Do It

This short article has given you a starting place, a foundation.

I’ve touched on the basic science for building muscle.

It’s now your job to apply what you learned.

Find yourself a personal trainer or a gym. Or look into some of the fine online courses and start building the muscles you want.

Shlomo Skinner

I'm the one who writes most of the posts here at Fitnessator. I'm a former US Marine trying to stay in shape. I enjoy using different fitness equipment as well as body weight exercises and eating lots of healthy greens.