Why do you need leg weights in the first place? To Improve the strength of your leg. Basically, the whole idea of leg weights is to make your workout more fun, add workout versatility and build your leg muscles. We all need something extra to spice up our workouts. Whether it is a leg exercise without weights or leg workouts with weights, an extra technique is important. Leg weights can be that ‘extra tip’ you are looking for.

 Exercises That Work Well With Leg Weights

As an exercise enthusiast, you will always seek new ideas to improve your workouts. There are numerous modern techniques you can choose from. However, with a simple pair of ankle weights, you can achieve most of your exercise needs. Below are some of the exercises that can do better with leg weights.

  • Leg Lift

Leg lift is very common for exercising leg muscles.  You only require a mat and ankle weights to perform this routine. With your weights securely fastened, start with your face up and your hands at your sides. You can then lift your leg and make sure your body forms 90-degrees. Finally, lower your legs slowly and repeat the same procedure for 15 to 20 reps.

  • Side Legs Lift

Woman Wearing Leg Weights For FitnessSide leg lift can be more effective with leg weights. It is popular for increasing the intensity of the lateral glute workout. At times, while performing leg lifts you can experience some knee irritations or pains. This type of leg lift prevents the knee pains by correcting muscles imbalance. Just like leg lift, remember to face up as you do the side lifts.

  • Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks often require a full range of motion. Ankle weights are specifically there to achieve this. As you perform the exercise, avoid rotating your pelvis as well as moving your spine. Doing it right will help you stabilize your pelvis.

  • Leg Extension

This exercise requires a table. It does a great job of building the quads muscles (four muscles on the front thigh). You only need to sit on the chair, raise either of your legs and extend the legs. You can then slowly lower your feet. Repeat the same routine 10-15 times. Ensure your thighs are still as you do the exercise. This way, the workout will be more effective.

Reasons to Choose

Leg weights are definitely very essential. They provide a smooth, accessible way to do some specific exercises. You don’t need to strain again during your exercise. Let’s take a quick look at some of leg weights benefits.

  1. Improves your Leg Strength

Leg weights mainly target the leg muscles to make the legs stronger. They exert some weight on your ankles to make the muscles stronger. You certainly need to build your legs with leg weight. Get to hike more and do some biking with stronger legs.

  1. Provides Versatility

Do you want to add variety to your exercise routine? Try leg weights. Exercise like pull-ups can do well with leg weights. You can even wear the weights when you aren’t exercising. However, frequent use can cause more harm than benefits to your muscles and ligaments.

  1. Boost Your Metabolism

As your muscles become stronger your metabolism increases.  Therefore, it is a good sign of a healthy exercise. Leg weight can even extend its functions, by creating a new challenge for the muscle group. It is high time you boost your metabolism with leg weights.

  1. Improves your Level of Endurance

Put on the leg weights and remove them after a few weeks. You will realize some changes including longer workout sessions. When using weights you will have to use more effort to exercise. In the long run, your endurance improves.

  1. Add Resistance

What’s the use of resistance? It improves your overall strength during your workouts. Exercises like leg lifting require resistance to be more effective. To the runners, leg weights can’t make you ran faster, they only strengthen the lower body for faster running.

Tips on How to Use Leg Weights

Woman Checking Her Ankle Weight For FitnessKnowing what leg weights are and knowing how to use them are totally two different ideas. Don’t rush and use the weights, know how to properly use them.  Even if you are a fan of leg workouts without weights or prefer leg exercises without weights, there is no harm in considering the following steps:

# 1. Check the Ankle Weights

Make sure you thoroughly check the ankle weights in case of any open pouches. In the process, make sure the seams are secure. If you are fortunate to have adjustable weights, you can add rods or plates.

# 2. Wrap them around the lower leg

Each of your lower legs should be wrapped with the ankle weights. Ensure they are tight enough to prevent them from moving around. Even so, they shouldn’t be too tight as they may prevent blood circulation in the muscle.

# 3. Fasten

This should be the last step. Just tighten then fasten the weights. After this, you are ready to do your exercise. If after putting on the leg weights, you feel itchy or uncomfortable, wear socks underneath the weights. Longer pants can also help the situation.

Bonus Tips

Leg weights can be good at the same time it can bring harm. To avoid certain risks, start off with 3 to 5 pounds or 5 to 10 pounds for specific exercises. You also need to set a target number of repetitions. You can then move on to heavier weights after completing the repetitions.

To build more leg muscles, you can also employ a leg press machine during your workout. It falls under the leg workouts with weights. The pressing issue is always the leg press machine weight. Honestly, weights differ depending on the type of the leg press machine.

It is always good to know the leg weights that suit your legs. Whether strong or not, start with small weights then work your way up. Don’t act like you can do it all; you might only end up with busted legs. Have a great leg muscles secret? Share it with us in the comments!