The story always starts with how to get abs, then how long it take to get chiseled abs. In fact, everyone wants to get those ripped abs and fast! But, how long does it take to get abs? The answer is always simple; it varies from one person to another. Read on to find out more about how long it takes, what it takes and mistakes to avoid when building abs.

How Long Does It Really Take?

Fit Woman Showing Her Abs MuscleGetting abs doesn’t happen overnight or on a snap of a finger? It takes time. As much as genetics play the prime role in the whole abs growth ‘scenario’, your diet and workout are still the key elements. So, it all depends on how well you plan your workout and how long you stay clean with your diet.

The starting point matters. It will tell how much belly fat you need to lose before the Abs pop up. Loosing at least 1 or 2% of body fat each month is a good sign. According to health line, as a woman, you need to aim for a body fat percentage of about 14 to 20.

For a man, a good percentage is from 6 to 13. The whole point is setting a goal. For instance; a person with the body fat of more than 30% can take a year to get to shape, with lesser, it can take even 6 months. If you want abs ASAP! You need to engage the core more in your first-month workout plan. Then, prepare to increase your physical activity as you work your way up.

How Do You Determine How Long It Will Take?

Look! Apparently, that’s what most people would advise. Well, it’s not a bad idea, but you need to do more than looking.  To determine how long it will take you to have abs, you need a guideline. Typically, some basic steps to guide you. To be precise, you need the following three simple but realistic steps.

  • The first step is to check your current weight and fat percentage. That simple!
  • Determine how much fat you need to get rid of to build great abs.
  • Finally, set a realistic time-frame.

What It Takes To Get Abs

Fit Man Working Out Abs MuscleTo uncover your abs you need more than a realistic time-frame. You need to train properly at the right intensity. A healthy diet will even add more sauce to your workout plan. To get the abs as a beginner you need to;

Get rid of the Belly Fat

Too basic? I know! Even so, there is no harm in putting some emphasis on it. Your journey starts here. Losing the belly fat will determine how quick you get to have the abs. The idea of starving yourself or cutting down your meals is a terrible idea. You only need to make some adjustments to your diet and exercise.

Clean Your Diet

A great meal plan includes food rich in protein, carbs, and vitamins. Therefore, you need to avoid sugary products, refined food and adopt a healthy diet. A note; the idea that taking cabs will only make you fat is just but a myth, so don’t cut out on cabs. You only need to take the right amount.

Do  more Strength Training

Strength training is the real deal. It’s good to train your core more as you do your workouts. Besides the core, work on the major muscle group. This will help you build the muscles. In the long run, getting the abs will be much easier.


Take some time and have a good rest. A good rest will help your muscles recover faster. Your muscles will also grow if you get enough sleep.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Abs

Man Tired Doing Exercise Building Abs MuscleHow often do you train? And are you certain you are doing it right? Building your abs shouldn’t take forever, of course, if you train correctly. How long does it take to get abs women? Women take longer to get abs, but with the right workout techniques, it shouldn’t take forever. The mistakes you need to completely avoid include;

  • Getting Too Involved with Cardio. No doubt, cardio will burn calories and keep you healthy. However, you need more intense training to build more muscles and grow the right abs.
  • Relying Too much on Fads. Don’t just sit around and wait for some pills and supplements to make the magic happen. This is not to say that supplements are useless. Fads will help you get a lean muscle, but without proper training and diet, expect fewer results.
  • Focusing too much on Muscle Isolation. This will only result in posture problems and muscle imbalance. It can also deter you from getting good abs. To avoid this, mix your workout routines.
  • Over-Crunching. Crunching only targets the rectus abdominis (core muscles). It also limits you to one angle. Therefore, it’s high time to employ other workout exercises to maximize the results.

Is It Alright To Train Abs Daily?

How long does it take to get abs if you workout everyday? This is what many people would ask. Well, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, its ok to train every day but it’s not necessary. Training your abs twice a week is good. However, if you decide to work out every day, remember to vary your exercise. Also, enough rest after the workout is very essential.

A good workout plan will entail abs training, back training and working on obliques. Doing this daily will prevent muscle imbalance and horrific postures. Why work on your back? As you train your back, it pushes your abs forward. In the long run, your abs will start to pop up and become more visible.

Bottom Line

To get the classy abs, you need to eat the right amount of healthy food, choose the correct exercise and have a good plan. Also, don’t forget to set your priorities right. Execute the above and worry less about how long it will take to get the abs, even 10 pack abs.

Training Your Abs? If so, how long does it really take to uncover abs? And what are your favorite workouts for building abs?