Most of the people want great glutes. However, one of the mistakes made by people is failing to do what is exactly needed to build a good pair of glutes. For example, glute kickback exercises are great for developing strong glutes. But many people tend to ignore this.

With the rise of Instagram, there are so many so-called ‘Instagram coaches’ who are always trying to tell you what you need to exactly do. Most of them are not qualified fitness coaches and they will end up teaching you the wrong thing. In such cases, you will be hitting the weight room and working hard but you will not be seeing the results. Your pair of glutes is still remaining the same. So what is the issue? Is it your diet? Is it that you are not working hard enough? Are you carrying out the exercise in the right way?

Begin by seeking an answer to the last question. That is where the problem is. 98% of the people who work out at the gym pretend to know it all. When they get into the gym, they will always be carrying out exercises they saw on YouTube or Instagram and not willing to listen to anyone. If you are looking for a great pair of glutes, this article is for you. We will demystify the glute myths you have heard elsewhere and provide you with proven tips of building your glutes.

Common Glute Myths Busted

Woman Pointing At Her Fit Glute Working OutMyth 1: You Should Lift Heavy to Build Your Glutes

When targeting the glutes, you need to be focused on carrying out higher reps and lower reps. Various studies which have been carried out indicate that the glute muscles are a combination of fast twitch and slow twitch muscles. Carrying out high reps and lower reps will target these muscles in the appropriate way. So if you have been thinking of lifting heavy weights to build your glutes, then you need to stop it as form today and instead focus on carrying out high and low reps.

Myth 2: Squats is the Only Way of Building Your Glutes

There are some gym instructors who will inform you that the best way of building your glute is squats. This would be far from the truth. Instead of carrying out a wide variety of the exercises targeting the glutes will activate glute muscles within our body and not squats. This is in accordance with a research carried out by the American Council on Exercise.

Myth 3: Joining the ‘Internet Squat Challenge’ Will Get you the Best Glutes

Regardless of the number of squats you carry out on each night, your muscles will not be able to grow. Every bodybuilder knows that the best way of building anybody muscles is breaking it down and letting it build itself. Getting your glutes or any other body muscles in the right shape required hard work and patience.

Getting the right instructor who will provide you with the right way of carrying out the exercise and the correct number of reps will help you.

Myth 4: If Your Glutes Are Not Sore the Next Day, Your Workout Was Inferior

Another common mistake is assuming that if your glutes are not sore after you have worked out, then you did not carry out the workout productively. You can be sore when you are carrying out exercises you have not carried before or increased the training on your leg. However, as you become used to the exercise the soreness will disappear. Most of the people who have previously worked out on their glutes did not see the soreness in the beginning. Not feeling any soreness after your glute workout does not mean you have not worked on your glutes perfectly.

Glute Kickback Exercises

After reading the above myths, the next thing you need to do is know what exactly you need to do to build your glutes. Glute kickback exercises should be the best option.

Also referred to as the donkey kicks, the glue kickback works on your butt in the best way possible to get it in shape. The scientific name of this exercise is quadruped bent knee hip extensions.

In most cases, you do not require so much equipment when performing this exercise. It can also be performed from a number of variations and they have been discussed below. Here are some of the common variations of the exercise.

Using the Cable Glute Kickback Machine

Man Working Out Cable Glute Kickback MachineThis exercise is a deviation from the normal donkey kickback exercise and it targets the same muscles as the glute kickback exercise. The exercise can also target your glutes from different positions.

Equipment Needed to Perform the Exercise

  • Cable Machine

Muscles Targeted

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius

How to Carry Out Glute Kickbacks on Cable Machine

  1. Put on the ankle strap at the bottom of the cable machine and stand while facing away from the machine about 1-3 feet. Make sure you stabilize yourself on the frame of the machine.
  2. Use your glutes to kickback your leg as far as you can while maintaining the position of your hips. You can place your knees and hips slightly bent when carrying out this.
  3. Lower your feet back to the original position and makes sure you build your resistance when carrying out this exercise.
  4. You can carry out around 10 reps for each of the 4 sets you carry out on each leg.

You can carry out the cable glute kickback machine with many other variations. Most of these variations carried out using the cable glute kickback machine target the same muscles.

Using the Smith Machine to Carry Out Glute Kickback

Woman Working Out Glute Kickback Using Smith MachineIf you are looking to grow the size of your butt, do not be afraid to add weight to your regular kickback exercises. Before adding any weight, make sure you are comfortable when carrying out the exercise without weights. Avoid adding weights if you are in the beginner stages of using the Smith machine to carry out Glute kickback.

Muscles Targeted

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius

Equipment Used

  • Smith Machine

How to Carry It Out

Starting Position of the Exercise

  • Place a mat under the bar of the Smith Machine.
  • Ensure the safety pins of the Smith machine have been set in the right way to prevent them from crashing down on your legs.
  • Move the bar way from the latches of the rail and ensure it is rotating freely.
  • Get down on the mat on all your fours (legs and hands) and arch one foot at the center of the bar.

Executing the Exercise

  • By fully extending the hip and the knee, push the bar of the Smith machine upwards.
  • Hold it for few seconds and squeeze your gluteus muscles.
  • Lower the bar to its original position and when carrying out this, make sure the bar does not make any contact with the safety pins on the machine.
  • Carry out the same number of reps on the other leg.

Safety Tips

  • Always make sure your legs are directly under the bar of the Smith machine and push it upward fully. If you fail to push it upward fully, lower the weight on the bar or carry out without the weights.
  • Avoid leaning on the opposite hip when carrying out the exercise since it can take away the pressure you are exerting on the bar.

Using Resistance Band to Carry Out Glute Kickback

Woman Working Out Glute Kickback Using Resistance BandThe resistance bands will make your exercise to be more challenging by building your resistance. The exercise can also be carried out at home since the equipment needed is the resistance bands and a mat.

Muscles Targeted

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Medius

Equipment Required

  • Resistance Band

How to Carry Out Glute Kickbacks Using Resistance Bands

  • Hook your right foot on the other end of the band. Make sure you position the hands so that they are directly under the face with the elbows bent.
  • With your back straight, push the right leg outwards.
  • Draw the leg back to your chest.
  • You can carry out as many reps as you wish. It is recommended to carry out at least 10-15 sets.

Carrying Out Stand Glute Kickbacks

Man Using Resistance Band to Carry Out Glute KickbackThe stand glute kickback exercise is appropriate for beginners. If you are looking for the best way of activating your glutes before carrying out an intensive glute kickback exercise, the stand glute kickbacks should be a priority.

Muscles Targeted

  • Glutes

Equipment Needed

  • Resistance bands

How to carry It Out

  • Place the resistance band around your ankles.
  • Keep your hands at the chest and shift all the weight into the left leg. Place the right toes on the ground and behind the left heel to make sure tension is created by the band.
  • By squeezing the abs, tuck the pelvis and push the right leg for about 7 inches. Let your knee be straight when you are carrying out this.
  • Return the leg to the original position and keep the tension on the band.
  • Carry out around 20 reps and alternate the legs.

Lena Marti, a New York personal fitness trainer says that the stand glute kickbacks are not big movements and they should be done when someone is preparing the muscles for a workout. If the lower back arches when you carry out the kick, make the movement smaller to make sure you get the best from the stand kickback exercises.

Using the Glute Kickback Machine to Carry Out Glute Kickbacks

Woman Working Out Using Glute Kickback MachineJust as the name suggests, the glute kickback machine is used to carry out exercises which target the glutes. Carrying out the glute kickbacks is important when you are using the machine. Carrying out the glute kickback exercises on the glute kickback machine is so easy. The exercise can be carried out by a beginner or an experienced trainer looking to get their glutes in form.  One of the greatest mistakes made by people is failing to use the kickback machine in the right way.

Muscles Targeted

  • Hamstrings
  • Glutes

Equipment Required

  • Glute Hamstring Raise Machine

How to Carry Out Glute Kickback Exercises

  • Get into the appropriate position and let the foot rest on the lower pedal.
  • Extend the leg upwards to push the back and up.
  • Lower the leg back down.
  • Carry out the desired number of reps and alternate your legs.

Bottom-line on Glute Kickback Exercises

By carrying out the glute kickback exercises in the right form, you will be one step ahead in getting your desired glutes. When carrying out the glute kickback exercises, it is advisable to combine it with the other exercises to get the best out of your regular workout routine. If you are using equipment such as the glute kickback machine or the cable glute kickback machine, follow all the steps required. In unsure on how to carry out kickback exercises, inquire from your gym instructor. Target both glutes to make sure they develop equally.