Lifting weights at the gym can help you develop the endurance and strength you have been looking for a long period of time. However, one of the mistakes we do make is falling into the pit of lifting weights all the time we visit the gym. In fact, over a century ago, the dumbbell swing was a great exercise among the weightlifters and bodybuilders. However, as time goes, most of the exercises such as dumbbell swing are no longer in practice.

If you are looking for a way of adequately developing all the parts of the body, simple exercises such as dumbbell swings can do you good. Dumbbell swing is a great exercise which combines control of the body muscles and momentum. This can help you control all the body movements to achieve the desired fitness results.

Dumbbell swings are carried out using the kettlebell but if you realize you do not have the kettlebells near you, you can carry out the swings without the kettlebell and they will still be effective. In this article, you are going to know the different ways of carrying out the dumbbell swing.

Why You Need to Carry Out the Dumbbell Swing Exercise?

Dumbbell Swing Work OutReason #1: Best Exercise for the Back

One of the most significant reasons why you need to carry out the dumbbell swing is the benefits the exercise has on your back. Dr. Stuart McGill carried out a study and realized that the kettlebell swings play a great role in developing the posterior parts of your body as compared to the traditional posterior exercises.

If you do have challenges with the traditional lower back exercises such as the deadlifts, the dumbbell swings should be your best option. The dumbbell swing can be a great way of developing the lower back and the movements are easier as compared to the other exercises.

Other muscles worked out when carrying the dumbbell swing exercise include the deltoids, hamstrings and the forearms. In addition, the force created by the swing can also engage the shoulder muscles and ankles giving you the body flexibility you have been looking for.

Reason #2: Lower Risk of Injuring Your Body

Due to the dynamic nature of the kettlebell swing, the possibility of injuring your body due to overloading is quite low. A well performed swing should be carried out in a slow movement style by making sure the hips have been punched forward. It should not be slowly pushed into a place but should be carried out in a ballistic manner.

The use of lower loads when carrying out the exercise and the multiple swings carried out when doing the exercise is the main reason why the dumbbell swing is preferred by most of the people who want to avoid the back injuries.

Lower loads can also help you carry out as many reps as you wish when carrying out the exercise. According to McGill this is referred to as muscle flushing and it plays a great role in releasing the lactic acid in the body which can sometimes lead to back pain.

Reason #3: Building a Strong Stomach

Breath is one of the great tools used when lifting weights at the gym. The dumbbells wing exercise can also be a great way of working on your stomach. Always remember that you need to protect the stomach and the best way of protecting the stomach is making sure it is switched on the spine.

It will also ensure that the spine is stable. When your spine is stable, the brain will register that and you will have more power to carry out the exercises at the gym.

Reason #4: Easy to Carry Out the Movements

Carrying out the dumbbell swing is so easy and you can easily remember all the moves you used during the execution. There is no additional equipment required except the dumbbell which you can easily hold when carrying out movements.

Reason #5: Building Your Endurance

Endurance is one of the things we always aim to build while at the gym. Building your endurance requires you to work harder especially in lifting the weights and increasing the time before taking rest. You can build endurance by using a light dumbbell.

Reason #6: Developing Cardiovascular Strength

Making sure the cardiovascular muscles remain strong should be a priority if you want to ensure the cardiovascular muscles remain strong. Always make sure you use a lighter weight when carrying out the exercise and ensure you have performed a high number of reps.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights that one should have at least 75 minutes of a vigorous exercise on each week to boost their health. Even though it can be difficult to carry out the dumbbell swing for such long, you should carry out the exercise at a high intensity to achieve desired results.

Combining the different sets of the dumbbell swing with light exercises such as jogging or carrying out fast walking can help you achieve the above.

Reason #7: Increasing Your Performance

Dumbbell swings are mostly used to increase the strength of athletes and the conditioning training programs. Eric Cressey, founder of Cressey Performance says that due to the increased posterior strength due to the exercises, the power and performance of the trainer on the field will be increased.

Is there any Difference Between the Kettlebell Swings and Dumbbell Swings?

Man Using Dumbbell and Kettlebell Working OutThis is one of the common questions you might be asking yourself. Both exercises play a great role in developing your strength.  The training exercises target the lower back muscles, gluteal and the ham strings.

The motions used in each of the exercises are the same. However, there are some distinctions between both exercises which have an impact on effectiveness of the exercise you are going to carry out. When you want to make a decision on whether you should choose the dumbbells or the kettlebells, your fitness goals should come in place to help you make the appropriate decision.

In terms of the strength impact, the kettlebells are made in such a way that they use off-center weight while the dumbbells will distribute the weight evenly.

The kettlebell swings are made in such a way that you can carry out a high number of reps. Thus it makes your training to be more intensive. On the other side the dumbbells can be adjusted and the movements can be slow since you will make sure there is no occurrence of an accident. This means that your reps will be lower and the intensity of your taring will also be lower.

There are no big differences between the dumbbells swing and the kettlebells swing. Both exercises can be carried out to improve strength of the lower back muscles and the hamstrings.

How to Carry Out the Dumbbell Swing

How To Do Dumbbell Swing Exercise

  1. Getting Set- Make sure you stand with the feet shoulder apart and make sure your toes are pointed out. You can also bend your knees and make sure you look straight forward. For men, you can hold the kettlebell on between your legs.
  2. Carrying Out the Swinging- Make an arch in the lower back and let the hips end back. Make sure taht the kettlebell falls between and behind the legs. You can as well squeeze the glute muscles by extending your hips and swing the weight.
  3. Returning it to the Original Position- Let the weight you are lifting to swing back in between your legs. But maintain the bent hips and knees position. In most cases if you are doing it right, you will feel some pain at your butt. Carry out as may reps as you wish.

How to Carry Out Dumbbell One Arm Swing

The dumbbell one-arm swing is a great way of working on your shoulder muscles and the legs. The exercise is carried out in the same way as the above dumbbells wing exercise involving both hands.

  1. Begin the exercise by holding the dumbbell between your legs.
  2. Sink your butt into the squat mode and carry out dumbbell one-arm swings before you drive yourself forward.
  3. When driving yourself forward, make sure you bring the dumbbell towards the head and make sure the legs are straight.
  4. Carry out the movement many times before swapping to ensure both arms have been involved in the exercise.

Can You Carry Out the Kettlebell Swing with the Dumbbell?

You can carry out any of the kettlebell swing exercise with the dumbbell. Both of them have the same mechanics.  They can be used as a great way of working out on your body. However, this does not mean that the dumbbell is a replacement for the kettlebell.

You should carry out this once you know that the kettlebell is not available at all. It should be your last option. A kettlebell offers a dynamic movement during your exercises as compared to the dumbbells. Dumbbells can be bulky and present you with changes when lifting the weight.

If you are carrying out the Turkish get ups, you can substitute the dumbbells with the kettlebells. The main essence of the exercise is to make the weight remain static over the head. So, the difference is so not so big.

You can use the dumbbell while carrying out the cleans and snatches. It would work for you if you have not mastered the exact way of bringing the kettlebell into place. And that is without having to bang it on the against the forearms.

Bottom-line on the Dumbbell Swing Exercise

The dumbbell swing exercise provides numerous benefits. However, when carrying out the exercise you need to be a bit careful. This is because there is a lot of force generated when you swing the weight upwards. Always avoid carrying out the dumbbell swing when your hands are wet or sweaty. It might slip out of your hands and cause serious injuries. Keeping a gym towel close to you to dry your hands every time they become wets is important. Also make sure you have used the weight that you can comfortably lift.

If you have not carried out regular practice and mastered the right way of swinging the dumbbells, do not carry the them above the chest level. Carry out the overheads wings when you are very comfortable about the regular dumbbell exercises. Watch the people who are working out near you and you can ask them to give you adequate space. Remember they are as important as you are and causing any injury to them is not good at all. All the best in your dumbbell swing exercise.