Are you feeling overwhelmed by your home fitness space? Maybe you are interested in doing home workouts and have yet to jump in and create a useful home fitness area. On the other hand, maybe you already have a home gym, but you think it can be better. To help organize your space and make it useful and efficient, consider a dumbbell rack. Above all, dumbbell racks can be great structures to organize your gym space, clear the clutter, and give you the perfect home fitness space.

Any good home fitness space requires planning, just like in a commercial gym. Furthermore, planned and organized home workouts can help you better achieve your goals, as they did in one study. So, having an organized fitness space with regular, structured workouts may be exactly what you need to lift more weight, look leaner, and/or lose weight. In addition, for those recovering from chronic disease, structured home programs and the right equipment can even help improve functional ability and disease parameters (1). As you can see, clutter-free and well-organized gym spaces not only look nice, but they help you work out better!

Organize with a Dumbbell Rack Set

Man Picking Up A Dumbbell From RackOne great way to organize and plan your home fitness area is to have the proper exercise and storage equipment. While proper exercise equipment may vary from person to person based on their goals, having a good way to store your equipment is super essential for any home. Dumbbell rack sets are one of the best ways to organize and clean up your home fitness space so that you can focus on working out and reaching your goals.

In this article, we will review the best dumbbell racks to consider for your home. Aside from the Fitnessator’s top picks in dumbbell rack sets you can purchase from a retailer, we also included information on a DIY dumbbell rack. If you don’t have time to read through all of the dumbbell weight rack reviews, jump down to “The Rundown” section to compare all of the products in one chart. Before we get into the reviews, however, let’s look at the key features to investing in a good dumbbell rack.

The Key Features of a Dumbbell Rack Set

Man Picking Dumbbell From Weight RackAbove all, there are several features you should consider when purchasing or creating a dumbbell weight rack. These features can contribute to the tidiness and functionality of your home fitness space. Also, having an organized and functional fitness environment may actually help you reach your goals more effectively!

Amount of Weight on a Dumbbell Rack

Depending on your goals, your dumbbell rack set may need to hold more or less weight than someone else’s. Therefore, for those who like to exercise using heavy dumbbells, you will need a weight rack that can hold several hundred pounds of weight.

On the other hand, if you plan to use light weights for resistance cardio or endurance training, your dumbbell rack will not need to hold substantial weight. That being said, however, the perfect dumbbell rack for endurance workouts may need to be large enough to hold numerous weight sets.

Footprint of a Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell rack sets can accommodate any home fitness space. For smaller fitness areas, such as those in a city apartment, you may need a vertical dumbbell rack that has a small footprint and utilizes vertical space. If you have a larger home fitness area, such as in a garage, you may be able to fit a long dumbbell rack set that is several feet long.

Also, another thing to consider is where in your home fitness space the dumbbell rack will be placed. If you go to a commercial gym, you may find dumbbell racks in front of a big mirror. Such dumbbell rack sets in front of a mirror would need to be long and low in height so that you can see yourself perform the exercises. Therefore, keep such logistics in mind on your quest to find the best dumbbell rack set for your space.

Material of a Dumbbell Rack

While most of the dumbbell rack sets that you buy in a store or online are metal, you can also use wood to build your own DIY dumbbell rack. There are a few things to consider when thinking about the material of a dumbbell rack set for your home.

For instance, think about how your dumbbell weight rack fits with the décor of your home. Some home fitness spaces are integrated with a living room or office. Therefore, maybe you want your dumbbell rack set to match your other fitness equipment. Or, perhaps you want your dumbbell rack to complement other furniture. Above all, knowing these things will help you determine material and/or color of your rack.

Also, make sure to think about the possibly of moisture and humidity in your home fitness space. If your fitness equipment is located in a basement or garage, you may be at risk for flooding and damage to your equipment. A wooden dumbbell rack, say, would not hold up well in a flood. Even a metal rack may be at risk of rusting! If you’re interested in wooden dumbbell racks, jump down towards the end of the article to see how to plan for a DIY dumbbell rack.

Types of Weights on a Dumbbell Rack

When you look online, the standard dumbbell rack sets are built for free weight dumbbells, however, don’t limit yourself if you have other types of weights to store. If you have free weights, plate weights or other things to stow away in your fitness space, some of the dumbbell racks on this list can help you organize all of these items.

Choosing the Best Dumbbell Rack for You

Now that you have an idea of what important things to look for in a dumbbell rack set for your home, you will have a better idea about which dumbbell rack is the best option for you. Here is a list of Fitnessator’s top picks on dumbbell rack sets. Don’t forget to check out our DIY dumbbell rack how-to if you want to completely customize your home fitness equipment. Finally, at the end of the reviews, be sure to compare these products in our easy-to-read comparison chart in “The Rundown” section.

Fitnessator’s Top Pick 

Marcy Weight Rack – The Most Versatile Dumbbell Rack

Marcy WeightWhy We Love It:

The Marcy weight rack is by far the most diverse set on the list. It is a dumbbell set with racks for dumbbells, weight plates, kettlebells and medicine balls. If you need a catch-all for all of the weights in your home fitness space, this one is the best option for you.

The Research:

If you’re still planning and structuring your home fitness space, maybe a diverse weight rack like the Marcy will convince you to engage in a plethora of workouts at home. Since the Marcy weight rack holds all sorts of weights, you can use and safely stow all this equipment.

Not convinced that you need several kinds of weights? According to the research, each type of weight can have unique benefits for your training. For example, some studies claim that kettlebells help improve muscular force and stabilization. Dumbbells, on the other hand, are best for mastering bilateral muscle balance. For heavy weight exercises, like those done with power racks, weight plates can help you increase muscle size, force and velocity (2).

  • Contains storage components for weight plates, kettlebells, medicine balls and dumbbells
  • Maximum weight capacity is 1000 lbs
  • Total dumbbell rack weight is 45 lbs
  • Dimensions: 53.5in x 18.5in x 36in
  • Marcy Website Price: $110.99
Things to Consider:

If you do not have machines that use weight plates, you may not need this type of dumbbell set with racks for weight plates. Save even more space with some of the other dumbbell weight racks on the list!

Customer Reviews:

Above all, the main reason that customers love this product is the sturdiness and ability to hold 1000 lbs of weight. Also, customers state that assembly for this product is quick (less than 30 minutes).

Even though assembly is quick, some customers said that the instruction manual for set up was not organized well and was hard to follow. Also, one customer said that the weight plate posts on the sides of the product take up a lot of space. 

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If you love diversifying your weight training workouts, the Marcy weight rack is the best option for you. It can hold all different types of weights on one rack, and it can hold a lot of weight! For those who love various types of weighted workouts and/or need a safe place to store 1000 lbs of weight, the Marcy would be the best dumbbell rack for your home.   

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Fitnessator’s Runner Up

XMark Dumbbell Rack – The Best Dumbbell Rack for Dumbbells

XMarkWhy We Love It:

The XMark dumbbell weight rack is great for a larger home fitness space. Therefore, with three shelves that are 4 feet long, you can store multiple weight sets in one area. Since this weight shelf is made with heavy duty steel and has a no-chip coating, you can expect to have this piece for years to come.

  • Constructed with angled shelves for easy pick up and dropping off of the weight onto the shelf
  • Long 4-foot shelves to prevent overcrowding during storage
  • Total product weight is 80 lbs
  • Dimensions: 52.25in x 22.75in x 40.5in
  • XMark Website Price: $164
Things to Consider:

Unlike some of the other models on the list, this dumbbell weight rack is specifically meant for free weight dumbbells. If you have weight plates, kettlebells and medicine balls, you will need to find another way to store them. Therefore, remember: those with power racks or squat racks, you may be able to store weight plates right on those racks.

Customer Reviews:

Even though the manufacturer states that this can hold up to 50-lb weights, many customers claim that even heavier weights can be stored perfectly on this product. Also, customers say that they can fit greater than 10 to 15 weight sets on this one rack.

Above all, one major issue with this rack is the customer service provided. A few customers stated that the company’s customer service was difficult to deal with and problems were unnecessarily prolonged.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If you have lots of dumbbells lying around, this is the perfect dumbbell weight rack for you. This specific rack is designed for (and compatible with) only dumbbells. Also, since it is super sturdy and well-made, your dumbbells can be stored there for years to come. 

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Fitnessator’s Honorable Mention

CAP Multiple Dumbbell Rack– The Best Dumbbell Rack for the Money

CAP MultipleWhy We Love It:

If you’re looking to get a good deal, this dumbbell rack is the best for the money! The CAP dumbbell weight rack is great for someone that uses a variety of weights and who doesn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to store their equipment. This rack can store light weights and accessories for minimal money and space.

  • Able to store medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells
  • Max weight capacity is 500 lbs
  • Total product weight is 12 lbs
  • Dimensions: 27in x 20.5in x 8.3in
  • WF Athletic Supply Website Price: $31.99
Things to Consider:

Even though this model has 2 shelves for dumbbells and/or weighted accessories, keep in mind that there are mounts for 4 dumbbells on each side of the rack. If you want to store other things on the center shelves, you will only have 8 mounts for dumbbells. Also, larger dumbbells may not fit well on the side mounts, so make sure you know how, how heavy and what number of weights will be going on this dumbbell rack. 

Customer Reviews:

Per customer reviews, people love this cheap dumbbell rack set because they can use it for a variety of gym equipment. Aside from weights, customers use this rack to store towels, gym shoes, resistance bands and more.

On the other hand, customers complain that weights larger than 30 lbs do not fit on the rack. While it is perfect for several smaller weights, larger weights often have to be set to the side.   

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If you have lighter weights (i.e. lighter than 30 lbs) and/or need a catch-all dumbbell weight rack for your gym equipment, the CAP barbell rack is one of the best options to choose. Also, it is super cheap, so you don’t have to cringe at a high price tag.

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The Best Dumbbell Rack for Small Spaces

CAP Vertical Dumbbell Rack  

CAP VerticalWhy We Love It:

If you’re looking for a compact dumbbell holder, check out this one! The CAP vertical dumbbell rack is the ultimate space saver for your home. Instead of having a rack that takes up a lot of square footage, use your unused vertical space!

  • Holds 5 sets of dumbbells and possibly one medicine ball on top of the structure
  • Max weight capacity is 200 lbs
  • Total product weight is 11 lbs
  • Dimensions: 27in x 6in x 6in
  • Walmart Website Price: $32.64
Things to Consider:

As with most vertical dumbbell racks, these models cannot hold many dumbbell sets and/or they cannot hold larger, heavier weights. With the CAP dumbbell rack in particular, it can only hold a total of 10 weights.

Customer Reviews:

Customers love that this model is lightweight and tall. Per customer reviews, this rack was simple to set up and makes storing their light weights easy. As you may imagine, price is another pro for this model.

However, if you want to store bigger weights on this rack, think again. According to customers, 25-lb weights tend to not fit well on the mounts. If you want to store a 25-lb weight right under a 20-lb weight, the mounts are not positioned far enough apart and can rub or touch when both weights are mounted.

Who Should Purchase This Product:

If you tend to use lightweight dumbbells for resistance-cardio combo training, the vertical dumbbell rack is the best option to choose since you can store a few sets of light weights on this rack. The CAP vertical dumbbell rack is also a cheap product, so you don’t have to break the bank to make your home fitness space more organized.

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DIY Dumbbell Rack: A How-To Guide

Man cutting wood DIYAfter reading the reviews above, you may be thinking that you can take matters into your own hands and create the ultimate dumbbell weight rack for your home. While this may seem like a good idea, make sure you really think about the time, effort and cost associated with making a DIY dumbbell rack. Most importantly, if you are not a handy person, strongly consider the commercial options.

Regardless, if you are interested in creating your own dumbbell rack, you can really customize it to your needs, types of weights and the space available. Read on for further considerations about making the perfect DIY dumbbell rack.

The Best DIY Dumbbell Rack for Home

Certainly, if you’re handy with welding, you can make a metal DIY dumbbell rack. However, for the rest of us, a wooden DIY dumbbell rack will do just fine.

Something as simple as a sturdy shelving unit can be used to store your weights, however, consider having a few key features built-in to your DIY dumbbell rack:

Angled shelves with a lip 

As you saw with some of the commercial models above, angled shelves that have a lip allow the dumbbell to securely sit on an angle. This angle makes it easier to pull the dumbbell from the shelf and set it back down. However, if an angled shelf sounds too hard, you could just create a horizontal shelf.

Hooks for accessories

To get more out of your DIY dumbbell rack, install various hooks for resistance bands, clips and other equipment.

Buckets or drawers

Along with accessories, large buckets can hold some of your kettlebells or weight plates.

Weight plate posts

Also, you can install metal weight plate posts for hanging weight plates and weight clips.

Metal crossbars

Even if the main frame of your DIY dumbbell rack is wood, consider making the crossbar shelving metal for stability.

The Bottom Line for a DIY Dumbbell Rack

With these key features to planning and creating your own DIY dumbbell rack, you can be sure that you are not missing out on maximizing the functionality of your rack. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that when you decide to build your own fitness equipment, make sure it is constructed with strong materials and is safe to use.

Since these weight racks are supposed to hold lots of weight, don’t skimp out on quality materials, stability features and other safety measures. Again, building a DIY dumbbell rack is not for everyone, and it may actually cost you more in the long run. Sometimes it is better to have fitness equipment that is factory-made and manufactured by industry leaders.

The Rundown on Dumbbell Rack Sets

In conclusion, now that we’ve reviewed the Fitnessator’s top picks in dumbbell rack sets, here’s a breakdown to help you compare them all:


Max weight capacity

Can store dumbbells

Can store weight plates

Can store other items (i.e. kettlebells, medicine balls)

Marcy Dumbbell Rack (Top Pick)
1000 lbsYesYesYes
XMark Dumbbell Rack  (Runner Up)
550 lbsYesNoNo
CAP Dumbbell Rack (Honorable Mention)
500 lbsYesNoYes
CAP Vertical Dumbbell Rack
200 lbsYesNoYes, one extra item
DIY Dumbbell Rack

Before You Purchase

Now that we have laid out all the features of the best dumbbell storage racks available as well as considerations for making your own DIY dumbbell rack, you now have a plethora of information to help you choose the best rack for your home.

Above all, even though picking your best dumbbell rack may seem hard to do, just remember that the most important thing is knowing what kinds of weight you use in your home fitness space. Most importantly, let the weights determine the weight rack in which you will invest.

What types of weights do you have at home? Weight plates? Dumbbells? Kettlebells? Above everything else, what is your biggest factor in choosing a dumbbell weight set? Tell us in the comments!