If you aim at enjoying leaner muscles, the only way to do it is by exercising them. To display your best shape and body, you need to start hitting the gym as soon as possible. Muscles need a while to develop and grow, and working hard is the only way to get there. Of course, diet plays an important role as well, but this time we will talk about the exercises you need to perform to get in shape.

While it is recommended to work your entire body, we will narrow down our discussion and focus more on certain types of exercises. More precisely, we will talk about curl bar exercises and how to correctly use a curl bar. Considering that the upper part of a man’s body is rather important, working out the biceps and triceps is definitely a way to go. Of course, women can also benefit from exercises like barbells curls, as it helps them enjoy leaner arm and shoulder muscles as well.

What is the curl bar for?

The first time you enter a gym, you can’t help but wonder what all those machines and equipment do. Both the curl bar and straight bar are part of every gym out there. they can be considered as staples for those who want a fitter body. And they can certainly help you exercise the upper part of your body, in your aim toward getting a leaner body. as you are about to find out later on, the difference between these two lies in the goals you set for yourself.

So, what is the curl bar for? The curl bar or curl barbell is used for the development of smaller muscle groups, especially in the upper part of the body. It is ideal for training biceps and triceps, as part of your weight training program. But it can also be used as a weight when working out your hamstrings and other muscles of the lower part of the body. If you want to enjoy bigger muscles in the arms and shoulder areas, a curling bar will help you achieve the desired results.

Using curl barbell

What else you need to know

Because we are talking about weight training, you need to know how much weight you can lift. A curl bar can be available in a variety of weights, just as it happens in the case of a straight bar, so you will be the one setting the limits here. While many are tempted to start with a weight that is as high as possible, it is recommended not to strain yourself right from the start. Be patient and wait until you gain some muscular resistance and then proceed to lift bigger weights. Of course, be careful not to lift weights that are too light because in this case, you won’t work your muscles right.

For example, an Olympic curl bar can get rather heavy, weighing around 45 pounds. You may be able to lift such weight after sufficient training and muscle mass development, but for starters, stick to lower weights. Smaller curl bars will weigh between 25 and 30 pounds, so you will still have to be careful. Take one step at a time and you will soon notice results. Focus on performing exercises correctly, rather than focusing on their quantity. Performing a higher number of reps is useful if the exercises are performed incorrectly. So bear this in your mind when training.

What’s the difference between a curl bar and a straight bar?

When composing your weight training routine, you can use both the curl bar and straight bar. Each of them is created to deliver a different set of results, so each is worth being taken into consideration. If most people go directly to training with the straight bar, you should know that you will need the curl bar to work on smaller muscle groups, the ones that may not be targeted that well by the straight bar.

In other words, the straight bar will help you develop muscles in the chest and legs, while the curl bar will work on smaller muscles, like those found in the upper part of your arms and shoulders. Also, you can select the ideal weight for your weight training, considering the versatility of a curl bar. And, another great advantage of using the curl bar is the lower level of tension inflicted on your wrists. If you have poor wrist strength or you’re not accustomed to a straight bar, a curl bar will be a much better option, as it offers a more comfortable grip.

What’s the best curl bar?

What works for a friend may not be the best option for you. So, it is worth taking the time to find the best piece of equipment in your case. If you’re interested in performing bicep curls, triceps extensions, and upright rows, an EZ bar is what you need. The name of this bar comes from the word “easy”, which makes it more convenient for those who want to start weight training, without having too much previous experience.

To come to your aid, even more, we came up with a list with some of the best EZ-bar curl options available on the market. Just have a closer look at each and decide which will help you reach your goals.

1. XMark Olympic

 Xmark curl bar

This product is an Olympic bar curl that comes together with a set of weights. So, enjoying the desired results is not that far in this case. If you need a reliable and versatile EZ bar curl, this is one that is worth taking into account. You can easily change the intensity of the performed exercising by simply changing the grip on the EZ curl bar. Your arms and shoulders will look great in a very short while.

  • Snap ring lock system makes the bar safe during training sessions;
  • The shaft is covered in black manganese phosphate, which makes the item more resistant to corrosion and wear;
  • Brass bushings allow you to use the bar for extended periods without problems;
  • The weight sets come separately or have to be chosen as a bundle together with the bar;

2. Synergee Commercial Olympic Bar

Synergee curl bar

This is a professional-looking bar that you can enjoy in the comfort of your home. If you want to work out more and you don’t have the time needed to go to the gym, getting a proper EZ curl bar and EZ curl bar weight is what you need to unroll training whenever you have the time. With its help, the muscles in your upper arm and forearm will develop harmoniously. And all of this without putting any unwanted stress on your wrists. The grip is reliable yet comfortable, allowing you to perform exercises conveniently and without experiencing any discomfort. If you add an adequate EZ bar weight, your path toward bigger and better muscles will be paved.

  • The bar can hold weights of up to 450 lbs.;
  • With the help of a black phosphate protective layer, the bar will perform well a considerable number of years;
  • If you use it correctly, there is no risk of getting your wrists damaged, due to the ergonomic design;
  • Both the wrists and elbows remain in a more natural position during training, which reduces stress on these joints;
  • Weights have to be purchased separately;


3. GOPLUS 400 Lbs Olympic EZ Curl Bar

Goplus curl bar

It won’t be difficult at all to perform EZ bar curls with this piece of equipment. Even if you want to train at home, you will love how this bar behaves and how comfortable it is to use it. You just need an adequate set of weights and you’re good to go. Made out of steel processed with cold forging and quenching, this is a bar to last. Capable of lifting to 400 lbs, it is an item that will provide what you need to evolve to rougher training sessions. Once you will build a certain degree of muscle resistance, you will want to step up your training and this bar will help you do so. Offering an increased level of safety and comfort, the bar will make you feel your exercises better, for improved effectiveness.

  • The bar has a length that allows a wide array of movements and types of exercises;
  • It features knurled handles for a better grip during training, even when hands are getting sweaty;
  • Resistant and versatile, this bar allows the user to upgrade the training by adding bigger weights to the workout session;
  • The use of copper sleeves and bearings will keep the bar going smoothly so that your wrists are protected even after many months of weight training;
  • The chromed surface will keep corrosion and rust away;


If some gym equipment is hard to fit inside a home, especially when living in an apartment, this is the kind of item you can have without any inconveniences. You just need to take the time to check each item out, decide upon an available budget, find the right weights, and begin planning your workout routine. Bigger and better biceps and triceps are on their way.