A massive chest and ripped triceps don’t just come by; they need to be worked on. How? The key is employing the best chest and triceps workout for mass, and of course a great diet. Do you really have the best chest and tricep workout plan to grow your chest and triceps? Are you sure your movements and routines are perfect? Think harder! Honestly, you only need to exercise with what works best for you. But, remember to go harder and most importantly to lift smart. If you are ready to pop up some muscles, check out the following best chest and triceps workouts.

What are The Best Chest and Triceps Workouts?

Working into a gym, without sufficient knowledge of the right chest and triceps workouts to employ sucks right? As a beginner, it’s always good to kick off with light weights. Then, work your way up to some of the greatest chest and tricep workout routines.

Incline Bench Fly

Man Doing The Incline Bench Fly Exercise For ChestThis workout builds the chest by targeting the upper pecs. Besides the chest, it can work on the abs and shoulders.

Tips:  As you do the exercise, avoid moving your elbow. You only have to move the joint around the shoulder. While performing the reps, don’t slum the weights together. Also, don’t arch your back to ensure you maximize a full range of motion.

California Skull-crusher

Man Doing The California Skull-Crusher Exercise For ChestCalifornia Skull-crusher is very effective at building triceps. This combo movement can provide a great tension and full range of motion for your triceps. It’s also one of those workouts which builds strength and increases the triceps mass.

Tips: To ensure more tension, never lock out your elbows completely.

Incline Dumbbell Press

Man Doing The Incline Dumbbell Press Exercise For ChestIt gives more emphasis to the clavicular head of the pectoralis. To be precise, it targets the chest. The great thing about this is; it doesn’t allow compensation, adds stability to the workout and works on uneven pec development.

Tips: To generate more intensity, hold the dumbbells at the bottom. Avoid swinging, stay tight to avoid injuries. It’s also better to avoid false or unsafe grip.

Rope Push-down

Man Working Out Rope Pushdowns For Chest Compared to bar push-down workout, it’s more effective for growing triceps and building strength. It can only be effective if you do it properly. Rope push-down allows the triceps to move through a full range of motion.

Tips: During the entire workout, stay close to the workout cable. This will help generate more resistance.


Woman Working Out Tricep DipsIs it a triceps or a chest workout? Actually, it’s a compound exercise.  Whether you use a handle or parallel bars, it will still be effective. A shoulder-width bar is the best for triceps dips. For chest dips, use a wide-grip. This will help isolate the chest muscles.

Tips:  Never go down too deeply to avoid shoulder pains. Always keep your legs and torso still while exercising.

Benefits of Building Chest and Triceps

No lie! Building chest and triceps are no joke. But, why walk into the gym to lift some heavy weights just to gain some muscles? Here are some reasons why.

  • You get to have Bigger Arms. Putting some emphasis on the triceps will help you grow those massive arms in no time.
  • Add Strength. With the best chest and triceps workout, you can gain more strength. Great strength = heavy weightlifting.
  • Build a Classy Body. Who doesn’t desire a badass-shape? With the right workouts, you can build a great body.
  • Have a Strong Chest. You get to elevate from bat wings to a strong chest.

 Chest and Triceps Workout Tips

It’s never about how quick you can complete the reps or the amount of weights you can lift. It’s more of the mass you gain, the muscles you build and how strong you get. Anyway, everyone has his/her own goals when it comes to chest and tricep workout bodybuilding. To achieve your chest and triceps goals consider the below tips.

  • Do you do enough warm up before lifting weights? Don’t limit yourself to a bunch of cardio exercises, add regression movements.
  • Avoid doing the same routines. Spice up your workout with different techniques. You can also increase your speed without compromising the form.
  • Pick the weights you can manage. Simply, choose what your body can cope and don’t over-do the training.
  • Start with lighter weights and work your way up. As you increase the weights make sure you keep a record.
  • Get enough rest. Yes! Get plenty of rest after your workout sessions. Remember to also rest in between your sets.

Chest and Triceps Meal Plan

Don’t expect quick results if you can’t complement your workout with a healthy diet. A great meal plan plays a crucial role in building the overall body muscles. To maximize your performance you need the following.

  • A high-protein meal. Proteins are good for growing and repairing muscles. Some of the best proteins include meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products.
  • Carbs. Carbohydrates provide energy after your workout. A good example is a quinoa, which helps in muscle recovery.

Supplements are also good for your workout. Even though they don’t build muscle, you definitely need the supplements to get more proteins. But hey! Purchase only the best of quality. Some good supplements to consider include;

  • Creatine. If you looking for a pre-workout supplement, this should do. Aside from adding strength, it can support recovery.
  • Protein Powder. They are the best for post-workout. A good example is the whey protein.
  • BCAAs (Branch-Chain Amino Acids). This supplement helps in maintaining the level of amino acids in the bloodstream.

Bottom Line

When doing your chest and triceps workout for mass; use a narrow grip. The wider grip is usually for the shoulder. People have different opinions about the number of reps per sets to be done. Well, honestly, the number of reps depends on your goals.

Are you working on your triceps and chest? If so, what are your best chest and triceps routines? And what makes the workouts your ideal choice?