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What aspect of your life has the most impact on your fitness? It’s not how long and how often you workout. It’s the food you eat. These posts will help you get it right!

Give Up Diet Soda

coca cola bottles

I remember the event clearly. We were having lunch at a friend’s house. On the table were big bottles of Coke and Diet Coke. My wife and I chose to drink the Diet Coke. My friend mocked us and said, “What is this? Are you trying to live forever?”

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10 Nutrition Tips for Women

What words do you use to describe healthy eating habits? Some women like to talk about nutrition. Some like to talk about healthy cooking. Others simply call it healthy eating. It’s all about the same thing: what can you do to quickly prepare healthy and nutritious food for yourself and your family. Here are 10 […]

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Eat Your Nuts

woman on scale with veggies

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight, then one group of foods you’re probably avoiding is nuts. If you’re like most women, then you’re afraid that eating nuts will make you fat. You’re afraid that they are too full of calories and must be avoided.

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