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These posts are about fitness, the benefits of HIIT workouts, and the mindset that leads to getting and staying fit.

10 Fitness Safety Tips

safety first

We all want to be fit and healthy. A popular saying is “safety first.” But is that the best advice? You could stay inside all day with the door locked! But what about the things you want to accomplish in your life? What we need to do is balance safety and do things that are […]

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Does Running Damage Your Heart?

woman running

It’s a reasonable question: does running damage your heart? In particular, does long distance running damage your heart? Running marathons and even longer races has become more and more popular. Many runners got started because they want the health benefits associated with running.

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My New Routine

workout routine - man doing pushups

So I mentioned my new routine yesterday and here is what I am doing. Bear in mind, I do NOTHING whatsoever at this moment in time regarding fitness so this is quite a leap for me personally. Start small, work up.
5 push ups
5 squats
5 lunges
10 second

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