Bowflex revolution is versatile and high quality home gym equipment. The high technology used to design the machine makes it a powerful workout tool. Bowflex revolution basically takes the fitness game to a whole new level. So, if you are tired of dragging yourself every morning to your local gym, try Bowflex revolution. And if you are ready to take your fitness regimen to the next level, at the comfort of your home, choose this machine. Here we provide a quick review of this home gym equipment.

Bowflex Revolution Review

Bowflex Revolution Home GymBowflex revolution is a professional fitness system packed with modern features. It has almost everything for a complete workout routine. The machine is designed with spiraflex technology, which provides an advance resistance for a smooth performance. Actually, the spiral flex system is kind of super cool. Why? It makes the Bowflex revolution far much better than normal weights.

Besides the innovative technology, it comes in a compact design. This design makes the machine to occupy less space in your home gym area. The best part is; you can do a variety of exercises with just a single piece of equipment. Therefore, you get to have it all in the comfort of your own house. Click on their main website to learn more about this machine.

How Does Bowflex Revolution Work?

The Bowflex revolution machine has an installation manual. The manual has sufficient information about the product, how to install, and the right exercises to do.  You don’t have to worry about how the machine works since the manual has pretty much everything.

At a glance, you will notice that the Bowflex revolution is not a typical workout machine. It employs the spiraflex technology for effective performance. With bowflex revolution, workouts becomes more enjoyable. Thus, you can rest assured of getting nothing but the best during your workouts.

The spiraflex somehow is similar to the traditional power rod system. They both employ a cable system. Though, spiraflex is more advanced because of the level of resistance it offers.

Why the Spiraflex System

Bowflex Revolution's Spiralex SystemA quick answer to this is; for a consistent resistance and overall uniqueness. This innovative feature originates from the international space station. This NASA’s innovative technology makes the Bowflex revolution home gym an incredible machine to reckon with.

In fact, spiraflex makes Bowflex three times better than a traditional gym machine in terms of power provision.  With more power your muscles get activated within a short period of time. At the end of the day, you get stronger and incredible workout results.

The resistance in Bowflex is 200lb but can be upgraded to 300lb. It is stored in the Bowflex light-weight plates. Plus, the resistance is sourced in a unique way to prevent the plates from moving up and down. This feature makes the machine an excellent equipment to work with in a space with no gravity.

When exercising, you can adjust the resistance whichever way you want. If you are working on your upper body, set it to a minimum of 10 pounds. The upper body will appreciate a resistance of not more than 136kg. The leg press station works best at a 600lb weight capacity.

Benefits of Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

Why bother to buy this machine? Or why use your hard earned money to invest on this piece of equipment. Honestly, it’s worth the hassle even though it’s quite expensive. At times the daily routine, in and out of the gym, can be a bit daunting. But with Bowflex revolution home gym, the hassle can be eliminated. The reason you need to check the online shops for this machines is;

  • Bowflex revolution doesn’t use much floor space! Unlike traditional gym equipment, it can be folded. This way you can free more space for your other home gym tools.
  • Permits plenty of workout options. If you are the type who budgets a lot before purchasing a product, then this is ideal for you. Of course, everybody makes a budget, but I mean the uptight kind of people! In short, this machine can accomplish numerous exercises (100 plus!) hence no need to buy a bunch of different machines.
  • It has an informative Installation Manual. The manual has adequate information about the Bowflex revolution machine. So, you won’t need to work yourself up trying to figure out how the machine is installed.
  • The resistance is not difficult to set. The spiraflex provides resistance which is easy to set. So? This means you can diversify your workout routines with ease. And with more routines, you can sculpt a great body and add strength in no time.
  • A 10-year Warranty exclusively for you! When you acquire the machine, you’re given a 10-year warranty. Thus, you can use it for a very long time and still be covered.
  • Has an added Cardio feature. The added rowing attribute is meant for cardiovascular training. This added feature helps you work on different muscle groups and at the same time improves your endurance.
  • Super comfortable and convenient. Besides allowing you to do full body workouts, it provides you with a comfortable setting. The added accessories are also there to give you a comfortable experience. The extended accessories include
  • Tall seatback
  • Resistance packs
  • Handgrip and foot harnesses
  • Leg press plate
  • Preacher curl assembly

 The Flip Side

There is actually nothing to hate about this product. Maybe, the cons are just the improvements or adjustments to be made. All in all, the Bowflex Revolution is a great machine, but with a little bit of a downside just like any equipment.  Below are cons of Bowflex revolution.

  • Truthfully, this machine costs a lot. But, it’s worth every dyne; at least that’s what most users say. They also say that this machine pays off with time.
  • Weight Adjustments. As a beginner, it can be a bit taxing switching the weights while working out. In short, knowing how to adjust the plates takes time. As you familiarize yourself with the machine the process becomes easier.

Is Bowflex Revolution XP Better than Bowflex Revolution?

Bowflex revolution XP  is a bit advanced, though with fewer features. It’s a simple machine designed with a base for storing weights. The weights have adjustable arms, otherwise freedom arms. To deliver more results, it blends in free weights.

Just like Bowflex, it comes in a compact design to fit into any home gym space. It can fit a 4×5 floor space. The weight resistance of Bowflex XP starts from 200lb and can be upgraded to 280lb. The resistance is not similar to any standard weight plate resistance. In fact, it’s completely different from the normal weight plates.

As for the number of exercises, you can do 90 different exercises with this equipment. If you’re ready to revamp your home gym with something classy, choose Bowflex revolution XP.

A list of Bowflex Revolution Exercises

Man Working Out Using Bowflex Revolution Home GymThe Bowflex can support over 100 exercises, awesome right? This is basically a through-pass to toning all the muscles in the body. If you want to work on your cardio, it has a rowing machine to accomplish that. If you want to focus on your leg muscles, the leg extension and leg press station are available. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one and do the following exercises.

Leg Exercises

Bowflex revolution is a great machine for working your legs. It supports a variety of leg exercises for stronger and bigger muscles. Some of these exercises include

  • Leg extension
  • Leg curls
  • Standing leg kickbacks
  • Leg press
  • Cable kickbacks

Back & Biceps Exercises

Want to build a healthy back and massive biceps? Well, do so. But if you are aiming for better results, you better think of a quality machine. Bowflex revolution is one effective machine for training the biceps and back. Consider doing the following exercises.

  • Seated lat row
  • Single arm cable pulldown
  • Biceps curl
  • Standing low back extension
  • Straight arm push downs

Chest Exercises

Working on the chest is never limited to men, women can also do it. Training your chest will help you improve on your overall strength. If you already have a Bowflex machine, use it to perform these exercises.

  • Lower cable chest row
  • Lying cable iron cross
  • Chest press
  • Incline chest fly
  • Cable cross over

Shoulder and Triceps Exercises

Walk to that comprehensive machine and work on those shoulder muscles and triceps. Don’t worry, the Bowflex revolution machine has your back. It will help you activate all the targeted muscles from any angle. But first, take a look at the following exercises.

  • Standing shoulder extension
  • Triceps pull-over
  • Triceps push down
  • Cable shoulder raise
  • Side cable lat raise

Abdominal Exercises

To those who want to lose belly fat and get the crazy abs, Bowflex can help you attain that. It strengthens the abdominal muscles leaving you with a great figure.  Below are some exercises you can do with the machine.

  • Seated abdominal crunch
  • Trunk rotation
  • Reverse crunch
  • Standing oblique crunch
  • Seated oblique abdominal crunch

How Do You Choose the Best Bowflex Home gym?

The Bowflex is a popular brand with explicit home gym machines. The beauty behind these pieces of equipment is incredible. Therefore, distinguishing the best from the rest is not an easy task, especially for new users. To make an informed decision, consider the tips below.

The floor space

Is your floor space big enough to accommodate a new gym tool? And how small or big is it? Before you pop into an online shop ask yourself these questions. You can go ahead and measure your space and then compare the different machine dimensions.

The Price

Quality talks but your wallet talks more! Weigh your budget before choosing any home gym product. But, in the process ensure you don’t compromise the quality.  The quality of a machine determines its durability.

Your Workout Goals

Look for the machine that meets your workout goals. The exercises that a Bowflex machine supports will determine whether you achieve all your goals. So, check the number of exercises that the equipment is capable of supporting.

The user Max Weight

The Bowflex home gym machines offer different maximum user weight. Find out the maximum user weight of each machine before purchasing one. Too heavyweights may outgrow the Bowflex weight.

Added features of the Machine

If a machine has extra features it means you get to work on an extra muscle.  Check if the machine has an inbuilt rowing system. This feature is designed for cardio training. Also, check the additional accessories provided by the Bowflex home gym.

Bowflex Revolution Alternative

If you think that Bowflex revolution home gym is pricey or not great, go for other alternatives. Though honestly, you will be missing a lot if you don’t choose it. The best alternative you can opt for is the Total gym 1400 machine.

With Total gym 1400, you can do 60 different exercises.  Within 10-20 minutes you can complete your total body workout with this machine. Just like the Bowflex revolution, it’s also foldable for easy storage. Take your time and research, then do a comparison before choosing either of the machines.

Take away

Bottom line, Bowflex is a trusted brand; therefore, you can expect quality home gym tools from them. If you are planning to lose weight, build muscle or add strength, then Bowflex revolution is the best. The inbuilt spiraflex technology attribute provides even greater results than standard weight.

The 100 plus exercises can help you stimulate every single muscle in your body. The manual will guide you with both the installation and exercises. If you think the machine is worth a try, you can purchase it from Amazon. Up your workout regimen and start driving in results ASAP!

If you were to choose the best Bowflex home gym machine, which one would you opt for? And why would you choose it?