Growing the muscles of your arms can take place at a more effective rate with a preacher curl bench. Whether you want to learn how to use one at the gym or you’re seriously considering investing in your own preacher curl bench, you’ll find everything you need about it below.

To enjoy effective exercises for your arms, you will get the best tips for using the bench. Also, you will find out more about curls with the preacher curl machine, what they can do for your arms and a brief review of three of the best preacher curl benches available on the market.

What is a preacher curl bench?

A preacher curl bench is a machine specially designed to allow you to perform arm curls in a safe, comfortable, and effective manner. The bench will allow you to sit while giving you the chance to place your arm on a special rest. The armrest will feature a downward slope, so you will be able to lower your arms, while working out with weights, in a comfortable manner, and correct position for the curls.

So, we can say that this machine is a bicep curl bench, as its goal is to help you obtain bigger and more defined arm muscles. Of course, besides the bench, you will also need suitable weights to make this exercise pay the desired results. The best weights for a preacher curl bench are the E-Z bars, dumbbells, or barbells.

What angle is a preacher curl bench?

A preacher curl bench allows the user to set the desired angle, according to the degree of difficulty desired when it comes to performing curls. Such a bench can adjust its angle between 30 and 90 degrees.

But, to start out right and build muscle mass in an adequate manner, the recommendation is to perform curls on this bench at a 30-degree angle. So, while the bench is adjustable, improve your curls in a gradual manner, by first getting used to the bench’s smallest angle degree.

Many are tempted to use the preacher bench as much and as hard as possible from the start. However, getting your muscles sore or inflicting too much damage on them right from the start is not such a good idea. A barbell preacher curl will indeed help in getting bigger arms, but you must understand that the change won’t happen overnight.

On the other hand, performing curls on this bench in a constant manner will get you there without a doubt. The pad of the bench is wide and deep enough to allow your arms to perform well during the exercise. So, all you have to do is focus on performing the curls in a correct manner. Quality will always pay better results than quantity.

Illustration of preacher curl bench

Are they really effective?

Any man that is working out and unrolling physical training would like to find an effective way to get bigger and better-sculpted arms. So, the question is, are these curls effective for real? While most perform a form of arm curl at one point, as it is one of the most recommended types of exercise meant to develop the arms.

In other words, if you aim at getting more appealing arms, then these curls are what you need. As long as you do them correctly, something we will talk about in the following lines, you will get larger arms without a doubt.

How come these curls work so well? The answer lies in their simplicity. You see, you don’t have to perform complicated exercises to get the best results. In fact, the simpler the movement is, the better your muscles will perform. In the case of a weight bench with preacher curl, the secret lies in using weights and adopting the right position for the exercise, position provided by sitting on a bench and using a special armrest.

So, the more effort you will invest in performing this exercise, the better the results will get. You can do this by either increasing the size of the weights you’re using or by increasing the number of reps. Find out here when you should increase reps or weights.

Many opt for curls due to the results they provide. So, it is possible to say that they are widely tested. If results would have lacked, most certainly no one would have continued performing curls. But, since they do work, everybody is incorporating them into their workout routine.

The only thing about these curls is that you need a preacher bench to make them happen. In this case, you will have to seriously consider investing in a preacher curls machine if you want to enjoy the opportunity of performing them whenever you feel like it. The good news is that you can find a preacher curl bench with ease. We even selected three great products for you to check out in the lines that follow.

How do you bench a preacher curl?

For starters, it is worth mentioning that curls performed on a preacher curl bench are slightly different from the ordinary bicep curls you may have done so far. So, paying attention to how they should be executed will help a lot and will give you the chance to do this the right way. To obtain ideal results, check out the following steps on how to bench a preacher curl.

  • You will need a preacher curl bench for this type of exercise, as it provides all the conditions you need to grow large arms in a very short while. So, yes, we are talking about machine curls performed, ideally, with the help of an E-Z bar. To correctly perform a machine preacher curl, hold the E-Z bar by its inner handle. The palms of your hands should be positioned forward. Don’t worry is they are tilted inwards a little, as this happens due to the shape of the bar.
  • Your chest and upper arm part should be placed against the bench’s special rest. At the same time, the bar should be held at the length of your shoulders, while your arms are resting along with the pad.
  • Now exhale and contract your biceps, raising the weight until it reaches the height of your shoulders. Then hold this position for one second, while squeezing your biceps for holding onto it.
  • Then lower your arms slowly, and implicit the weights, while inhaling. The arms should be fully extended at the end of this movement, and the biceps stretched to the fullest. Repeat by exhaling and bringing the weight back up, contracting the muscles once again.


Best preacher curl bench reviews

Reflex Preacher Curl With Adjustable Arm

Featuring an adjustable armrest, this bench is worthy of your consideration as it has what it needs to help you optimize your performances each time. This feature will give you the chance to set the arm in an angle that is comfortable for you at first.

Then, as you begin to get used to the curls made this way, you will have the possibility to increase their level of difficulty. So, use the four different settings, marked with numerical increments, to make this bench work for you as desired. The rollover pad can also be adjusted, for a comfortable and effective performance.

The finish of the bench is powder-coated, so it will be highly resistant to wear and tear. Also, with the help of tubular steel construction that was fully welded, you can be sure that nothing will perturb your workout session.

Muorka Commercial Arm Preacher Curl Weight Bench

The main concern when looking to buy a weight bench is that it is sturdy and reliable enough, not just to properly hold your weights, but also to enable you to perform in an adequate manner. Made out of heavy-duty steel, this bench should be part of your list of machines to consider. It is built to resist and offer the effectiveness you need for a successful and fruitful workout session.

The armrest can also be adjusted to meet the requirements of the user. Six different positions can be used for this purpose, so the bench is rather versatile and flexible from this point of view. And it is also worth mentioning that both the seat and the pads feature a solid foam material, which provides an increased level of comfort while maintaining its property in time.

Preacher Arm Curl Weight Bench

Even if you’re not used to performing curls on a bench, you will find it easy to use this machine. This is due to the fact that it offers the possibility to adjust the height so that you perform the exercise at the desired level of difficulty. This makes it a great machine for the entire family, as each member can use the desired adjustments for his or her workout session.

Its weightlifting bed is extremely sturdy as well, giving you the chance to utilize large weights if this is what you need. The cushions are properly padded, offering comfort and protection, without sagging in time. Also, you may appreciate the compact shape of the machine, which makes it suitable even when the room is not that generous.