Whether you are lifting weights for the sake of your fitness or you are just doing it as an expert weightlifter, you need to use BCAAs. There are different reasons as to why you need to use BCAA. While most male fitness freaks love to use BCAA supplements for men, women tend to avoid BCAA products since they do think they should only be used by expert weightlifters.

If you are missing out on the best BCAA supplements for women, then you are missing out on getting the best out of your routine. The main reason why most women avoid BCAA supplements as they are unaware of the nutrients obtained from the BCAA supplements. So the question is, what do BCAAs do for women?

What are BCAAs for Women Essential?

BCAAs contain three amino acids which affect the functioning of your body and they have great impacts on your results. They are classified as leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Woman Taking BCAA For Health and FitnessLeucine

It is used to build the strength of your muscles when you are working out. Leucine is also used to activate the synthesis of proteins within your body. Therefore, leucine can be used to prevent the lean body muscle you have just created from breaking away.


It is an essential amino acid which gives you the energy of the perseverance when you are working out. It can also be used to repair the worn out parts of your body during and after the workout. Isoleucine also promotes the way in which you utilize the glucose within your body at a given time. It makes it easy for the body to process the proteins and utilize them in the best way.


It plays a great role in the assimilation of the other amino acids within your body. Valine has to work with the other amino acids listed above. In most cases, you cannot obtain valine from your body and the best way to get it is to take BCAAs for women.

You can get the essential amino acids from the outside sources such as eggs, milk, yogurt, and legumes. There are some protein sources which contain a higher BCAA content such as the dairy products. The BCAA supplements are and they can be found in the form of supplements in your diet.

The right amount of BCAA supplements for women can make you get the best out of your regular workout. The ratio used for the supplements is 2:1:1. Leucine is twice as much as the other basic amino acids.

Another common reason which makes the BCAA essential is that they are unique when it comes to metabolism. Most of the BCAAs are not metabolized in large amounts in the liver like the other amino acids. They are broken down and move to the skeletal muscles in your body where they are made into new proteins. They can also be used to make proteins used to stabilize your blood sugar levels.

One of the essential amino acids, leucine can be used in your body when the blood sugar level has dropped. This happens when you have gone for long periods of fasting causing a reduction of insulin and blood glucose. Your body will be using leucine and other essential BCAAs for women to help you build your body muscles.

Why Do You Need to Supplement with BCAAs?

If you are struggling to make sure you have got enough protein in your diet, the best choice should be the BCAAs for women. The BCAA supplements for women can be used to build and maintain your body muscles. Here are the ways in which BCAAs can help you.

Help You Recover Quickly by Reducing Muscle Fatigue

Recovery is so important after you have had your workout. BCAAs for women can help you recover after your workout by reducing muscle fatigue. A study which has carried out show that taking BCAAs for women before you begin your workout can reduce the time when your body muscles get fatigued. Recovering quickly will give you to carry out your workout effectively. If you have been having muscle soreness after your workout, make sure you use the best BCAA supplements for women to prevent them from being intense as they have been.

Can Be Used to Enhance the Development of Your Body Muscles

There is a huge space which exists between the use of supplements. Most of the women avoid BCAA supplements for women since some think it is used to build a bulky muscle. However, this is far from the truth. If you regularly workout, one of your training goals is to have a lean body mass. BCAAs for women can be used to burn the fat around your belly or any other part of the body. So forget about building a bulky body muscle and use the best BCAAs for women.

Reducing Your Weight

Most of the women are working out their bodies to reduce their weight. If you are working out to reduce your weight, you need to get the right BCAAs for women. BCAAs supplements for women can be used to add extra calories within your body as well as developing your muscles.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing the Best BCAAs for Women?

Woman Choosing What BCAA To BuyBCAAs are basic amino acids which means they cannot be delivered by the body. You can only get them through supplements in your diet. When you are working out, the body will breakdown the muscles if there is insufficient BCAAs in your body.

Therefore, it is important to make sure a sufficient amount of BCAAs for women if you are on a fitness journey. However, the question is how do you choose the best BCAAs for women? If you have been struggling with choosing the best BCAAs for women, you are in the right place. Here are some of the things you need to consider when looking for the best BCAA products.

The time it Takes to Be Digested

In most cases, you can prefer to take the BCAAs before or after the workout. Timing is important if you need to get the most out of your regular workout. If you choose a BCAA which will take longer to get processed in your body, your work out can be affected.

When choosing the best BCAA, make sure you produce a supplement which is made by a known manufacturer. It helps you avoid passing out the supplement before it is fully absorbed into your body. The next time you take a BCAA supplement, you need to know accurately the time it will take before it gets absorbed fully into your body. Do not just take it for the sake of taking it.

Presence of Enhancers

When you start your fitness journey, your goals must be clearly set. Some go to the gym to keep fit, lose weight or build their body mass and muscles. So when you are choosing the best BCAA supplements for women, you need to ask yourself if there are enhancers in the supplement. They can be weight loss enhancers or energy enhancers in the supplements. Here are a few things to put in mind about enhancers.

  • Choosing Weight Loss BCAA Supplements for Women

If you want to choose BCAA supplements to help you lose weight, select the ones with no added sugars. Most of the added sugars are made from starch which helps you gain weight. Avoid selecting the ones with the added BCAAs as they can help you gain weight and build your muscles.

  • Muscle Growth Enhancement

When selecting BCAA supplements to grow your body muscles, select the ones with proteins that have high biological absorption. Biological absorption refers to the way your body can absorb and utilize the proteins. BCAA supplements with Whey protein should be a priority for you.


If you are a flavor lover, there are different flavors of the BCAA supplements you can choose from. There are some BCAA supplements which contain artificial sweeteners and sugars to make them taste better. Most of the supplements come with different flavors. As we mentioned previously, avoid taking sweetened BCAAs for women if your goal is to lose weight. There are a number of BCAAs for women which are unflavored and you can take them though it is difficult to come across them.

Serving of the BCAA

Upon receiving the BCAA supplement, you need to know it’s accurate serving.  The BCAAs have different dosages. The dosage for isoleucine is usually 48-72mg on each of the kilograms of body weight. Dosage for leucine is usually 2-10g.

Your body weight can be used as a guide on serving the BCAAs. Some BCAAs for women can also have different servings indicated on the label. Take your time to read the label before taking the BCAA supplement.

The ratio of the BCAAs

The recommended ratio for muscle building for the proteins is 2:1:1. The label indicates the ratios of the BCAA supplements.

Health Condition

The health condition also plays a role when you are choosing the right BCAAs for women. If you are suffering from diabetes, choose the ones which have no added sugar. Avoid choosing the protein powders which contain sugar as one of the added ingredients.

Also, make sure you select BCAAs with a low carbohydrate content since it can release sugars.

If you have kidney disease, make sure you limit the intake of a lot of proteins in your body. Limit the intake of BCAAs to the ones which have a lower protein content and it should be around 10-15 grams on each serving.

Avoid Intestinal Problems

If you have a bowel syndrome, choose the powders which do not contain the lactose sugars. If you are allergic to gluten, avoid taking supplements which contain gluten.

Your Preferences

Of course, if you are a vegan, you should always avoid the BCAAs which contain proteins obtained from the animals such as milk or meat. Instead, choose the ones made of plant proteins.

Your Budget

When it comes to the intake of proteins, sticking to your budget is important. It is advisable that you choose the protein powder instead of the ready to drink proteins which can be a bit expensive.

Do the BCAAs Have Any Side Effects?

Just with the use of other supplements, BCAAs can also have side effects. The side effects associated with the intake of BCAAs are not common. However, some people do experience nausea when they have taken the BCAAs.

To avoid all these, consult your doctor if you are having any health condition or breastfeeding or pregnant before beginning the intake of BCAAs.

Bottom Line: What Do You Need to Do to Get the Best Out of the BCAA Supplements?

  • If you are a regular exerciser or an athlete, make sure you take the BCAAs within 60 minutes of your regular workout. It is during this time when your body muscles will be responsive to the use of proteins in repairing your body.
  • If you need to control your weight, make sure you consume a steady supply of the proteins.

Should You Use BCAAs for Women in Your Regular Workout?

Choosing the best BCAAs for women can be quite difficult if you do not know anything about BCAAs. However, with the above information, you should make an informed decision on the best BCAAs for women to include in your workout routine. Make sure you choose a BCAA which will work well for your body without ignoring the other parts of your BCAA.