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Welcome to Fitnessator.

When you look up fitnessator in your dictionary you won’t find anything. Not yet, anyway. 🙂

However, you will find fitness. My dictionary defines fitness as “the state of being fit.”

My dictionary also defines the suffix “-ator” as “one that does.”

Put them together and you have Fitnessator – one who does (those actions) that brings him or her into a state of being fit.

My goal with Fitnessator is to help you reach your fitness goals as quickly as possible. Therefore, the website is focusing on food, nutrition, and physical exercise.

A Word About Fitness Equipment

It’s possible to do many exercise workouts without any equipment, that is, bodyweight exercises. For many reasons, those are the types of workouts I favor and have written about on this site.

However, there are also lots of useful exercise machines and fitness accessories that can make your workouts more fun and challenging.

A Word About Food and Nutrition

Since one of the big topics here on Fitnessator is food and nutrition I feel like I should explain my biases on this important topic.

For about 25 years, my wife and I ate mostly a vegetarian diet including fish, eggs, and dairy products. Also, we would occasionally eat meat when visiting friends and eating out.

Then, about 5 or 6 years ago, we read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell. This book galvanized me. You see, both of my parents died of heart disease when they were fairly young and I sort of figured that’s where my genetics would take me.

Since reading that book and others we’ve been moving toward a plant-strong diet, what many people would call vegan. In general, I don’t like using the term vegan because it implies refusing to use animal products for moral and ethical reasons. My reasons for eating plants are health reasons alone.

You will notice that Fitnessator is not exclusively a vegan blog. I realize that many people are not ready or willing to cut out all animal products all the time.

Even so, there are many advantages to including more whole foods in your daily meals. That is why I will at times mention the Paleo Diet. Even though I don’t choose to follow it myself, I believe that anyone who takes steps away from the highly processed foods that fill the grocery shelves of America is helping themselves live a longer and healthier life.


I hope you enjoy this site. If you have any questions or comments, you can send me a message using the Contact page.

Take care,