Looking to get those washboard abs, but struggling to get over those stubborn plateaus? Are floor routines just not cutting it anymore? If so, your ab workout routine may be in need of a refresh. Ab machines are designed to help you isolate the ab muscles. Not only that, but they can also give them more of a challenge than they are used to. Don’t just rely on body weight alone. Using an ab machine during your workout can give you more resistance and a deeper burn than your abdominals are used to.

What makes ab machines so special?

Ab machines can give you a deeper workout and a more convenient way to get that six pack you work so hard for. In fact, it can get you to results much more effectively than a simple floor ab workout can provide. There are quite a few different varieties of ab crunch machines on the market, each with their own unique features that help you target your core in different ways. Overall, they are designed to provide you with more resistance and a more complete ab workout. That is, much more effective than you can get from a basic floor routine. While floor routines are good, doing them in tandem with an ab machine can get you a more complete abdominal workout.

There are tons of different ab machine to choose from, and in this article, we will help you narrow down the best picks for you.

Why Invest in an Ab Machine?

Man Using An Ab MachineIf you do cardio or lift weights regularly, it is important to ensure you are hitting your abs hard. This is because, in order to really get in the best shape of your life, the abs need to be given a real challenge. Working out your abs completely has been shown to lead to many important health benefits other than simply giving you the attractive washboard abs everybody desires.

In fact, one study demonstrated that keeping your core in great shape helps to both improve respiratory health and spinal health. When your abs are strong, your lower back receives more support from these muscles. As a result, ab machines can help to fend off back pain and keep your posture strong and healthy.

Other than the obvious aesthetic and health benefits of getting your abs in great shape, an ab machine is just a more convenient and quick way to get a deep burn when working out your abs. They can save you time and effort from relying on floor routines. There are many different movements and styles of ab machines, and it really just comes down to your preference. Also, it is important to consider how you like to hit your core muscles when looking for your ideal ab exercise machine.

Why You Should Be Using an Ab Machine

Why Use For Ab Machine For FitnessAb machines are widely agreed to help you hit your abs more fully than simple floor routines are able to do. While you do not have to completely ditch the floor routine, simply supplementing your normal workout regimen with ab machine set can help to get your abs worked much more deeply. The most important reasons to begin incorporating ab machines into your exercises include:

Full Range of Motion

When you do ab workouts on the ground, you are limiting the range of motion to a ninety-degree angle. This limits the full contraction of the muscle, which all fitness enthusiasts know will not lead to great results. In order to get the most from each rep, you have to fully and deeply extend and contract the abs – something that ab machines are specifically designed to do.

Maintain Good Form

Many ab workouts are straightforward and may seem easy to perform, but many people may not be keeping good form. Not performing ab workouts correctly by bending the back awkwardly, using the lower back for added support, and not keeping the core flexed throughout the motions can lead to back pain and the use of muscles and joints other than the abs. This takes away from the effectiveness of your ab workout and will leave you spinning the wheels and not actually working out the muscles you intend to. Ab machines make sure to help keep your form on point and dramatically reduce the strain on your lower back.

Easy To Use

Many floor ab routines can be difficult to perform correctly and can lead many users to be targeting muscles in the glutes and lower back more than the abs they are trying to strengthen. Ab machines help to guide you to great form and keep your abdominals the main target and secondary muscles out of the equation. The comfort and ease of use make ab machines more enjoyable to use and can keep you on top of your ab workouts better than trying to stick to an uncomfortable and non-productive floor routine.

Choosing the Best Ab Machine

Now that it is clear why you should be using an ab machine, which one is the best for your home gym? What features should you be looking for? Below are some of our top picks and the unique features they offer.

1. Body By Jake Ab Scissor Machine: The 4-Minute Powerhouse

Body By Jake Ab Scissor MachineIf you are looking for a quick, convenient, and effective ab workout machine, Body By Jake has the product for you. This ab machine is designed to help you target both the upper and lower abs while keeping your form perfect. It is able to give you 5 different difficulty levels and 4 different ab exercises. With these options, you can chisel out those ab muscles easier than ever before. The makers of this machine say that in 4 minutes you can perform all of the workouts you need. Previous customers all say it gives a challenging yet rewarding ab routine. Their patented Gravitational Linkage feature is designed to keep your body in perfect anatomical position so you can effortlessly isolate the abs.


  • 4 different ab workouts
  • 5 levels of resistance
  • Adjustable rotating seat
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Durable and slide-resistant construction for stable workouts

Who Makes It?

Body By Jake is one of the original fitness brands that originated in the early 1990s for their line of exercise videos and fitness equipment. The brand is championed by actor and fitness mogul

Jake Steinfeld, who also is the founder of major league lacrosse. Body By Jake has been in the industry for over 25 years and their products are known for their ease of use and durable construction. The brand is known for their fun yet challenging workouts that have kept customers coming back for more and raving about the fun and results they have achieved from their exercise videos and products.

The Bottom Line

The Body By Jake ab machine is one of the best machines on the market for exercising your abs. It is easy to set up, affordable, and can get you a full ab burn in just four minutes. You can target your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques easily and comfortably with this well-made machine. The upholstery is durable and comfortable and the workouts feel smooth and satisfying. Of all of the ba machines you can pick on this list, the Body By Jake ab machine is one of the most sensible and convenient ways to add a great ab machine to your home gym.

2. Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab and Back Machine: Heavy Duty and Versatile

Valor Fitness DE-5 Ab and Back MachineThe team at Valor fitness understand the importance of core training. For this reason, they have given a piece of equipment that helps you target not just your abs, but your core as a whole. The unique feature of this ab machine is its ability to perform more than just a full ROM crunch. They also are perfect for reverse hyperextension crunches that can be accessed at the flip of a switch. This helps you target your lower back muscles in tandem with your abs, which are most of the muscles that make up the core muscle group. With the Valor ab machine, you can add weight plates as your abs become stronger so you can continually challenge yourself and make some real progress.


  • Multi-functional chest pad that can be adjusted for ab and lower back exercises
  • Dense and comfortable foam padding
  • Heavy duty steel tubing construction
  • Padded foot supports
  • Rubber end caps to enhance stability and prevent floor damage

Who Makes It?

You may have heard of Valor athletics because it was founded by former Vice President of the popular Sports Authority fitness retailer. He decided he wanted to make a career change and dedicate himself to helping the everyday fitness enthusiast have access to more affordable and innovative home workout equipment. Valor states that they are committed to the home fitness enthusiast. In addition, they pride themselves on supporting the dedicated and hard-working athlete with innovative and durable equipment for both newcomers and veterans alike. The company is a true grassroots, self-made company that believes in real relationships with their customers.

The Bottom Line

The Valor Fitness is a simple ab machine that packs a punch. It has the unique ability to not just provide a great ab workout, but can also help you hit those tough to target erector spinae muscles in the lower back that help to reveal the six pack you work so hard for. The Valor Fitness ab crunch machine provides a full range of motion and a conveniently sized piece of equipment that will easily fit in any home gym. Durable, compact, and versatile, this is one of the best ab machines for your home gym.

3. Ideer Life Core Trainer: Innovative and Affordable

Ideer Life Core Trainer AB MachineWho says ab machines can’t give you a great full body workout?

Ideer life has engineered one of the more diverse and creative products. It is capable of multiple workout modes that can isolate the abs like no other while also being able to work the legs, chest, inner thighs, and back. The machine is in a league of its own because of the dual spring mechanism. Using this, it provides resistance in both directions when performing crunches. It is also highly adjustable and can fit users of all heights and sizes while staying sturdy and grounded during every rep. There are a variety of different workouts you can perform in its many workout modes that include push-ups, leg presses, and even leg crunches – helping to make this one of the most hyper-effective and innovative ab machines on this list.


  • Multiple exercise modes
  • 180-degree adjustable backrest
  • 330 lb weight limit
  • Foldable
  • Easy assembly
  • LCD display
  • Heavy-duty steel frame design

Who Makes It

iDeer is a very forward-thinking and customer-centric company that is focused on providing the highest quality modern workout gear. This is very evident in their unique products that are affordable, convenient, and will always surprise you how versatile they really are. The company is known for providing fitness enthusiasts with new and innovative workout equipment. As an iDeer customer, you can be sure the machine will always be smooth and comfortable to use. iDeer always has their customers best interests at heart and their products are perfect for those who are constructing their dream home gym.

The Bottom Line

The iDeer ab exercise machine is one of the most innovative and fun to use products found in our list. It is very versatile and can help you hit all of your muscle groups with a quick adjustment. You can easily hit the upper, mid, and lower abs with all of these workout options. In addition, you can also fit in glute, chest, and a variety of other muscle groups at your discretion. This machine was built specifically for the home gym and its quality and versatility really shine through in its adjustable seat and various workout modes. Be sure to check out the included guide that comes with the machine to take advantage of the many workouts you can perform on this awesome ab machine.

Overall, iDeer has one of our favorite machines on the list because of its durability, a wide array of workouts, and sleek look and feel.

4. GoPlus Abdominal Trainer: The Total Ab Coaster

GoPlus Abdominal Trainer AB MachineThe GoPlus ab trainer is a unique option on the list because it is very low priced but provides one of the toughest and most satisfying workouts you will find in similar products. Rather than use a pulling motion that makes it difficult to isolate the abdominals, this machine centers ts main ab workout around straightening and crunching the legs on the coaster to get a deep burn that is able to hit the lower abs much more effectively than most workout products like it. The workout options you can perform on this machine are endless. You can hit arms by doing push-ups with your legs on the coaster, glutes by doing hip thrusts – the possibilities only end where your creativity does.


  • Heavy duty iron construction
  • 220lb weight limit
  • LCD display
  • Easily folded and stored
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Adjustable resistance and height levels

Who Makes It?

Goplus is a California based company that makes a variety of fitness products including treadmills, dip bars, and more. When looking at all of the products that they sell, you can see that they all have one thing in common – great customer reviews. The products are regularly described as well made, durable, and fun to use. While the company itself is not described as a fitness company, the quality of their products does not suffer because of this. They always make sure to source the best manufacturers and equipment to bring fitness enthusiasts quality products at an affordable price.

The Bottom Line

The GoPLus abdominal trainer is a great pick for those of you who want to isolate the lower abs. By incorporating this workout along with the many other creative workout options, you can hit all of the abdominal muscles you need to while also getting a full body workout in the process. Durable, seamless to operate, and easily stored away, this is the most affordable and convenient ab machine in our list.

5. Xtreme Power US Ab Crunch Coaster: The Lower Ab Burner

Xtreme Power US Ab Crunch CoasterAb coasters are one of the most effective standing ab machines you will find. They are unrivaled in their ability to hit the lower abdominal muscles and get you those elusive final few packs. There are a total of 3 seat adjustment modes. With these different modes, you can hit the obliques with side leg raises for an even more complete ab workout. Ab coasters give you all of the benefits of the essential leg raise workout without the need for really strong arms. Having an ab coaster in your home gym makes it easier than ever to get one of the most effective lower ab workouts in without the need for a pull-up bar.


  • 3 position adjustable seat
  • Urethane molded foam padded cushion
  • 300lb weight capacity
  • Supports up to 30lbs of added weight on each side of the seat
  • Smooth glide rail construction for seamless reps

Who Makes It

Xtreme Power US is a nationally distributing fitness company that works with all kinds of fitness products. They specialize in providing customers with top-notch equipment at an affordable price. You can find their products at national stores such as Walmart, Costco, Sears, and more. These large scale companies all trust Xtreme Power US because of their well-built products that consumers love. When you buy an Xtreme Power product, you can be sure it will be durable and a great asset to your home gym setup.

The Bottom Line

Ab coasters are found in nearly every gym across the country because of how great they are at targeting the lower ab region. What’s better, they do this without the need for a ton of upper body strength, as typical leg raises require. The machine can be easily assembled in as little as 30 minutes. Not only that, but it is made from very durable materials. When using the Xtreme Power ab coaster, you will find that it is very sturdy and does not shake even during vigorous reps. Overall, the smooth motion, affordable price point, and durable construction make this ab coaster a great option for any home gym.

The Complete Guide To Finding the Best Ab Machine For You

Woman Using An Ab MachineAs you can see, there are plenty of great options to choose from when looking for a new ab machine for your home gym. But, how do you know which one is perfect for you?

Using the following tips, you should be able to have a better idea of which model may be best suited to your preferences.

Type of Workouts

Are you looking for a machine that allows for simple full range of motion crunches, or do you want to have some more versatility when it comes to your ab routine? The different machines on this list each have their own set of unique features. With this mind, keep an eye out for what you are looking for in an ab workout when surfing the options. For example, the IDEER life ab machine has more versatility in the number of workouts you can perform. On the other hand, the Xtreme Power ab bench more directly targets the lower abs. Remember to keep in mind how you want to design your ab workout routine when making your choice.


While many of the options are very affordable, there are more cost-effective options than others. The higher price tags normally come with a hardier design and a higher weight limit than the cheaper models. The more affordable option we have included in our list include the versatile IDEER life ab machine, which comes in right at $100. It is hard to get more bang for your buck than you can get with this machine because of the many workout options it provides.


Keep in mind the weight capacity you would like your machine to be able to handle. If you want to add free weights to your routine then look for more heavy duty options. These options include the ab coaster or the Valor fitness machine. Both of these are designed to be used with additional weighted plates. All of the machines in this list were constructed to stay stable and provide a great workout no matter how hard you like to hit your reps, but keep an eye out for the weight limit you are looking for.

Why Should You Invest in an Ab Machine?

Ab machines are one of the most commonly used pieces of workout equipment for a good reason. They allow you to get a more difficult ab workout that crunches just cannot achieve. Standing ab machines help you get a much wider range of motion. Furthermore, they are able to get you deeper contractions and a more complete ab workout. By ensuring you are working the abs hard, recovering and caring for your muscles properly, and incorporating a healthy diet, your ab workouts will lead you to results much faster. Keep in mind the tips and advice we have given in this article, and have fun finding your new favorite ab machine to add to your home gym setup!

Which models in our list have you tried? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!