21 Stocking Stuffers

No one knows for sure the origin of Christmas stockings and stocking stuffers.

It does seem the custom originated in Europe and has since spread.

Fortunately, we have the Guiness World Records to tell us the largest Christmas stocking was over 168 feet long and 70 feet wide.

No matter how big or small your stocking is, here are 21 stocking stuffer ideas for you.

For your convenience, the stocking stuffers are divided into 3 categories:

  • Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Equipment and Gear

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Refillable Chalk Ball

The right chalk helps keep your hands dry and improves your grip. This refillable chalk ball is made of fine cotton and holds 2.3 oz. It comes prefilled with chalk.

Microfiber Towel

This quick drying towel is perfect for use in the gym or hiking. Use it any time you need to wipe away moisture or sweat.

Oureamod Wide headbands

This package of 5 headbands is made to keep your hair out of your face and wick away sweat during exercise. They come in many colors and styles.

Weight Lifting Gloves

These weight lifting gloves are styled and sized for men and women. Wearing gloves during workouts protects your hands against abrasions, impacts, and sudden twists.

Massage Ball

The Master of Muscle Massage Ball is small and compact so you can take it with you wherever you work out. Use it as part of your warm up or cool down routine.

Outdoor Sports and Ski Glasses

These glasses protect your eyes from UV. Wear them while outdoors and you want protection from water, dust, icy wind, and snow.

Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves provide support and compression while doing weightlifting and other workouts. They are made out of Neoprene and warm your joints and increase circulation.


Yoga Pants

The FEIVO Yoga Pants are made of a non-see-through, moisture-wicking, breathable combination of polyester and spandex. They are perfect for working out or lounging around.

Under Armour Men's Socks

No guy I know wants socks as a gift. But you can sneak them into the stocking! This 6-pack features a seamless toe and ArmourBlock to help prevent foot odors.

Under Armour Women's Socks

This 6 pack of women’s socks provides reinforced heel and toe as well as dynamic arch support to help reduce foot fatigue. They are available in various sizes and color combos.

Under Armour Women's Play Up Short

The soft, lightweight knit construction gives you comfort and breathability. The Under Armour Moisture Transport System wicks sweat to keep you dry & light. 3” inseam.

Beanie Cap with LED Headlamp

This one-size fits all knitted cap is for when you’re outdoors at night and need your hands free. The unisex design can be used when camping, jogging, grilling, or doing handiwork.

Equipment and Gear

Exercise Bands

These resistance loops come in a pack with 5 resistance levels. They come with an instruction guide which demonstrate how to use resistance bands for legs, arms, back, shoulders, ankles, hips and stomach.

Exercise Sliders

These sliders are made to use on either hard floors or on carpets. You can use them for CrossFit or other bodyweight routines. You can easily take them with you when you travel.

Exercise Ball

This exercise ball inflates quickly with the included pump. You can use it as a stability ball in any kind of fitness training such as yoga or Pilates, or as a desk chair to correct your posture and support your back when you work.

Jump Rope

This lightweight jump rope is for folks serious about cardio training. It’s easy to adjust and store.

Ab Wheel

I know it sounds like a bad late-night commercial, but an ab wheel really can strengthen your. When your core is strong your daily movements will be easier and you’ll reduce your risk of injury.

Finger Resistance Bands

This set of 3 finger resistance bands improves finger strength for athletes and musicians. The set offers 3 resistance levels. Carry them with you and use them whenever you have a few extra minutes.

Wrist Ball

This wrist and forearm exerciser features a gyroscope. Once you get it spinning, it generates between 1 – 30 pounds of resistance. This is great for anyone who wants greater wrist strength.

Stress Ball on a String

The pack includes 3 color coded balls of different resistance levels. They work for adults and kids with stress, carpal tunnel, ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, anxiety, arthritis, or who need stress reduction, stroke recovery, finger, and grip strength.

Hand Therapy Set

The hand exercise therapy set features 4 balls. Each ball has finger placement markers so you’ll know your gripping it right for each exercise.