First things first, are 10 pack abs real? If Shahrukh Khan 10-pack abs and Mohammed Ali 10 pack abs are genuine, then yes.  Even so, not everyone can have them. It all has to do with the genes. Some can have 4, others 8 and maybe 10-12 packs. Actually, the whole pack “scenario” is predefined by genetics. To those planning to build their abs from 8-10, let’s get down to some of the best workouts worth trying.

 5 Awesome Pack Abs Workouts

Even if you want 8 packs or 10 packs, you have to work with the right tools and exercises. Below are some of the best workout techniques.

The Barbell Rollouts

Man Doing The Barbell Rollouts Exercise For AbsThis is one of the best effective workouts recommended by Ali “the 10-abs monster.” Some find ab rollout exercises really tough, but for the 10 packs goal, you really need them.  Barbell rollout is an anti-extension extension, which requires a high degree of stability. Therefore, it can build your abdominal muscles and abs.

With this 10 pack abs workout, it’s always good to start with lighter bumper plates. The plates will provide high intensity on the rolling position. To add more intensity, you can do the barbell rollouts while standing. A note, do the exercise slowly within a suitable range of motion. It will help you avoid injuries and strains on your lower back. Don’t also forget to keep your back and arms straight all the time.

Ab Wheel Rollout

Man Using Ab Wheel Rollout Exercise For FitnessWorks almost the same as the barbells, but with a little bit of ease.  The ab wheels are great at providing strength for your core and lower back muscles. Most often, abs trainers suggest this workout after mastering the barbell and ball rollouts. However, you can still use the ab wheels whether you have used the two or not.

This exercise is much higher in weights.  To avoid unplanned rotations, you will need to have more control over the core. In addition, begin your rollouts with the core and not the arms. Also, don’t do the exercise too fast; instead, try to control your movements to avoid injuries.

90-Degrees Incline Sit-ups

Woman Doing Sit Ups Old style or not, sit-ups are still good at building abdominal muscles. With the additional use of the bench, the 90-degrees incline sit-ups are even better. Some people prefer the traditional floor and crunch sit-ups, it’s okay. However, it’s more effective to do sit-ups with the bench for quicker results.

If you do your 90-degrees incline sit-ups correctly, you won’t experience any back pains. The all workout process starts with a warm-up and stretch exercise. You can then place your knees in a 90-degree position as you lie back. Your arms should be behind your head. Other series of lifting and lowering your upper body follows, ‘easy peasy!’

Seated Knee Tuck with Russian Twist

Man and Woman Doing The Seated Knee Tuck with Russian TwistYou want the 10 pack abs and yet you have not employed the Russian twist! What are you waiting for? 10 abs don’t just happen, they need something extra like Russian twist. This 10 pack abs workout targets your oblique. You can rest assured of adding an extra pack with the Russian twist. Adding a machine ball to your seated knee tuck increases your abdominal muscles strength.

As you perform the exercise make sure your back is straight and the twists are smooth and slow. Also, do at least 16 full rotations during the exercise. It helps improve your workout performance.

Cable Crunch

Man Doing The Cable Crunch Workout For AbsCable crunch can take things up a notch. It is best for building the massive abs. Besides targeting the abdominal muscles, cable crunch builds the core strength. In short, cable crunch is an awesome addition to your exercise, but only if you use it correctly.

Using a cable crunch is simple; knowing how to execute the exercise correctly is another thing. The right cable crunch workout can make your abs pop up in no time. The incorrect cable crunch, on the other hand, can be harmful to your body.  Know how to execute the workout correctly, it is very crucial.

How to Get 10 Packs Abs

As you set up you goals to achieve the 10 abs, know how to get there. The workouts techniques need additional exercises and ideas to spice them up. Whether they are cardio exercises, a healthy diet or some high intensity training, they are all important. To achieve quicker results, consider the below

Do more Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio exercises include hiking, biking, running as well as playing your favorite game. These exercises will speed up your abs visibility by reducing the abdominal fat. Between 150-300 minutes, spare at least 30-40 minutes weekly for cardio exercises. You can also do both low intensity and high-intensity cardio exercise.  Both exercises can do a great job at building your abs.

Focus on Your Abdominal Muscle Training

The packs are basically created by the abdominal muscles.  Training your abdominal muscles, therefore, is an essential step of attaining your 10 pack abs. The exercises will help increase muscle strength and build abs. A healthy diet plus the training will even be more effective.

Do more High-Intensity Training

Don’t limit yourself to low-intensity training. Your abdominal muscles can do well with additional high-intensity training (HIIT).  You are working for 10-packs and not less, so this type of training should be a go. Make it a goal to do the exercises at least every two weeks.

Check Your Diet

First, get rid of the bad snacking habits like consuming processed food and sugars. Then, eat a lot of proteins and plenty of vegetables. As you do so, don’t reduce calories drastically, as it will lead to lower metabolism.  Generally, a lower metabolism is not good for your health. In simple terms, consume less processed calories, take more high protein meals and stay healthy.

Take Plenty of Water

Water is always important for the human body. This phrase must be a “cliché” to many of us, but is there harm in reiterating it? Staying hydrated is very important. It makes it easy to attain the 10 packs goal. Therefore, go to your gym session fully packed with enough water.

Do you want to flaunt those abs already? Workout harder, eat right, employ the right exercise techniques and stay motivated.  If Shahrukh Khan 10 pack abs are real, then it is possible to build the 10 pack abs. You only need to do it right with your exercises. What’s your favorite 10 packs abs workout? Share with us in the comment section below.